Monday, January 28, 2008

Hi techy Snow Day for me

Yes, yes, yes... another storm day. This one was a big surprise, because we usually have at least a couple of days to wish, hope and wink/nudge each other in hopes that the announcement comes on at 6:05am. But it was just grocery store gossip that first alluded me to the thought of a storm coming and then all night long there was no snow... but yipee yahoo.... we awoke to the ting ting ting sound of freezing ice drops on the windows and the wonderful words ... All Schools in the Board are cancelled today!!!! The weather turned out to be really nasty and I did drive into work with lots of trouble in my subdivision but once I got on the main roads it was bearable.

Have I mentioned how much I love the Blog "Uncluttered". They had a cool entry the other day about a Gas Station for your charging needs. Now, the little stash of wires, plugs, extension cords etc that we have tucked away between the couch and the wall unit is rather annoying to me. At least once a month I haul out all the wires and try to straighten them up. But with a day or two its all tangled again. In reading Uncluttered, I have read that people charge their items all over the house in different outlets and I am not sure if that is any better.

When there is just Terry and I here, we have two cellphones, two cameras, a palm organizer (you know, the one you use a lot at first and then you end up using it for Solitaire) and a laptop or two. Imagine when the kids come home and they come with their own collection of rechargeables. Look at what they have invented... Its the Gas Station!!! from eNook.
It holds all kinds of things, the powercords are hidden behind the lower part. It locks too. I love it, and how cool to have a little work station too.... oh, I love those things.
The weather sounds yucky for tomorrow tooooo... Ice Cubes over the railing of the back deck is usually the good luck charm we use at our house to ensure that there is a snow day... so I have a few trays freezing as I right!


GailM. said...

I remember you showing me a little station for hiding chargers etc. It looked like a 4-plex bird house... and the ends of the wires came out of the holes.. I forgot about that. I thought at the time, I might be getting one from you for Christmas... no, wait, I think you said I'd get one for my birthday....

Jill said...

Damn ice must have aimed too far in the direction of Hants County - ha!

Thanks for trying though!