Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Weekend Has Come and Gone

Scott and Michelle arrived yesterday afternoon to show off their first car. Its pretty cute. It was too dark by the time they got here to have a really good look so this morning while the sun was shining, Michelle was thrilled to show the car to her grandfather. He thought it was pretty cool. Scott demonstrated how the seats go down in the back to leave lots of room for all their needs.

Michelle bought Scott a front plate for the car and how appropriate that its St. FX. Terry helped put it on, before they hit the road to go back to school. The picked up Megan in Fall River and where home by supper.

Congratulations Scott and Michelle on your first car.


cpm said...

YAY Scott and Michelle! You never forget your first car...and that is a good one! Congratulations!

Jill said...

How cool!
Congrats, Michelle and Scott.
My first was a Honda Civic, manual transmission, that I couldn't even drive off the lot - LOL. I had to drive it to work the next day...hahaha...memories!

GailM. said...

How exciting. My first car was a blue Pinto, I think. I can't remember that far.

SAM said...

YAH! For a new cars are sooo much fun...I just wanted to drive my golf around and around when i first got it!!