Saturday, February 2, 2008

Its SATURDAY... and you know what that means

It's my favorite day of the week.....

This is one of those blogs that you sit down to and say... but I have so much to blog it will take too long to write... so let me be short and sweet and many subjects...

First off... all this week (ok, and last week) I have had a nagging project. The Triplets Scrapbook... yes, I know, still.... is coming to the end. I have left the tougher ones to the end. My current nagging project is the Baptism page. I researched several Scrapbooking sites especially for ideas for Christening pages... and some are lovely and others are amazing... my problem is I have three kids to scrap... What do I do? Each one page (which leaves two facing pages, and the third and last child is on a page of their own). do I make a flip out page, but then again... someone is left on their own. Then, I have the pics of the beautiful outfits my sister made for them... and the family gathering, the cake, the ceremony.... Two weeks... driving Debbie nuts (yes even took a pic of what I was working on and emailed it so she can give me an opinion), and picked Jills brain, Chantal's, my sister's.... ugh. Anyway, I did it. I finished it and I like it... Its not my best, but the best part is... its done.

I finished it last night during a "crystal storm". Terry and Tom were out and I waited up to get the "call" to come pick them up, and when I went out to pick them up at midnight, the streets were all Crystal. The car was too, and that was a pain to scrap. But this morning it was all gone and we had downpours of rain, and tons of wind.

This is our large pink crystal mystery rock from Ontario, and it looks right at home surrounded by all the crystals that fell from the sky all night long
Today... Saturday..... It is Betty MacDonalds birthday today. Jilly Bean and Silly Sara, her two beautiful daughters organized a wonderful surprise party for her and I was part of the "hired" help. Jill and Sara decorated a very quaint Community Hall in Pink and Brown.... table clothes, napkins, candies, flowers, centerpieces and even all the crafts... yes crafts. Jill made little "stations" around the room, and all the guests were invited to visit each table and make a little memento of the party and fill their own good bag with crafts. That was one of my jobs... to man one of the tables

Donna Griff took over 300 pictures of the day, and so I hope to get a couple of amazing pics for my blog once she has time to sort through them... but here are a couple of not great pics of the centerpiece, and a couple of cute magnets that were a craft.... What a fun way to spend the day.

The meal was fantastic with homemade Corn Chowder (made by Jeff) and homemade Newfie soup (made by Mel)... three kinds of salad, fruit and sweets... Pink fuzzy Punch and a Gorgeous cake made by Debbie P. I can't wait to post pictures.... This party was a ton of work for Jill and Sara, and Betty was amazingly surprised and thrilled and I am sure that made it all worth while. I had a blast, and it was so fun to see Donna G again, since I haven't seen her in at least 7 months. Nice to see Taryn and she taught the really hard craft and was the last to get to eat lunch so, I thank her for taking the hard craft.

so... the pics are all fairly dark, I can't seem to find proper lighting for taking pictures but that will come. Soon to come are updates on the slow moving renovations around the house... Another day and some better pictures before I can talk about that!!!


Anonymous said...

Donna- Your pages are beautiful!!! I honestly did not mind any of your questions- It has been a privelege to be a part of this unbelievable book you have created! Sounds like you had a fun day glad to hear that Jill's mom was surprised!

Jill said...

Those pages are gorgeous - you don't give yourself enought credit for doing beautiful work! You spend time doing beautiful lettering, etc. So, don't beat yourself up that it's a "little" will SO be worth it! An just think...the triplets are now old enough to LOVE looking at it!

Thanks so much for helping today...We couldn't have pulled it off without friends and family helping out. You are a true friend. I am SO VERY lucky!

As for the lighting for your pics...take a milk crate/apple bin/cardboard box and line it with white fabric. Place the object you want to take a pic of inside the crate. Shine your "Full Spectrum" light into the box and fire away...

GailM. said...

Oh, those pages are sweet. I love them. I'm glad you did a special page on the dresses because I loved making them so much.

For taking pictures, I heard of ebay people putting their item in the microwave and taking a pic because the microwave light is so bright. I haven't tried it tho.

Happy Stamper said...

Your pages are beautiful, Donna! I stopped in (via Taryn's blog) to get the full scoop on Betty's party and it was a bonus to see such beautiful work.
Not surprised one bit by all that Jill and Sara put together. Love the theme colors and ALL the stamped goodies. I am so happy to hear that Betty was surprised. She is such a nice lady!