Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Another Snow Day...hee hee heeheeehhehhheeeeehhee

Sorry, can't help it. Its Staff Appreciation Week at school. What a better way to show the staff how much we appreciate all their hard work and dedication to the job... two days off this week!
Please check out my sister's blog (to the right) and see our newest little baby Aurora. My sister's youngest daughter Patience is a brand new mom to Baby Aurora. She is named after my mom. This is a picture of my mom and my sister when Gail was 3. That's me, in mom's arms... protesting somelthing. Who knows.
Anyway, that makes my sister a Grammie of 6 little ones, 5 granddaughters and 1 grandson.

Our week has been project oriented... Do you have a filing cabinet in your house. I do. I file everything. Now, I don't file it right away. I have a basket that I keep all my stuff in until the basket fills up (its 3 inches tall). When its to the top (or over the top) of the basket, I take an hour and fill it. But then, when do you empty the filing cabinet...

Monday's snow day was filing day. As I started filing, I realized I can't fit another thing in the cabinet and it was time. So three file folders at a time and off to my bedroom while a movie was on.. Can't even remember the movie, but in no time flat, the cabinet was purged and I have breathing room again.

Today's snow day is dedicating to Michelle's room. We have emptied her room of everything and piled it all in Stephanie's room. (minus 3 garbage bags of things :( which are in the garbage) Now its repairs, paint, floor, closet and then new bed and linens and voila .. a guest room that is Michelle's room first and guest room second. That means, lots of Michelles knicknacks and trinkets will decorate the room and all her things will be around, but mostly its a guest room. So far Terry has torn out the floor (painted plywood from 1995) and torn out the closet. He has painted the ceiling, patched the wall holes and now a fresh coat of paint is throughout the room. Out with the blue and in with Para's "Tansy Bloom". A bit more patching is needed, the closet doors get painted and put back on the closet (they haven't been on the closet since 1996). Paint Trim, new flooring this weekend, futon removed and stored (somewhere?).


GailM. said...

Hey, nice picture of me, you and Mom. Wasn't mom pretty!

cpm said...

WOW! You were all very productive on your snow day...I just made muffins lol!
The colour is great! Kinda like my basement.
I laughed when I read that it's Michelle's room first and guest room second! I make my parents say that too!
Your Mom was beautiful! and Gail's face hasn't changed a bit! You are much happier now (must be because you met me!) HA!HA!HA!