Thursday, February 7, 2008

Blog Hopping!

Stephanie got me started on KnitNut (see Stephanie's blog) and I have been hopping from her blog to several others tonight. Thursday night... another favorite night. No curling, no scrapbooking.. nothing.

Today has been the worse school day I have had in ages and nothing about the day involved me... it just was a crappy day. Everywhere around me was upset, anger, lies, fights, bullies and cranky!!! Its a new moon, its February, its too icy to play, not enough snow and too much snow. Even the staff were bullying each other. Its February. In my bloghopping tonight I came across a wonderful bit of writing that had me laughing and yet it was soooo brilliantly "right on the money". After obtaining permission from Schmutzie herself, I had to quote her wonderful explanation of the February Crazys!!!

What is the February Crazy, you ask? Well, it is a lovely period of time that occurs annually each February. Its symptoms vary but may include any or all of the following:
*Irritability. Did you say something to me? Because that would be wrong. Are you standing anywhere in my vicinity without obvious purpose? Because that would be wrong, too. Have you walked by me a hundred times rather than turning whatever you are doing into one trip? Because that would be very, very wrong. Did you ask me how I am doing? Seething, thank you.
*Strong urges to run away and join the circus. These urges may also be experienced as desires to become a hippie or ride the rails or do a stint in a nunnery. It is best to avoid these urges by crawling under a blanket and drinking an entire bottle of wine.
*Feelings of guilt. In this case, another symptom, irritability, can often be used to overcome the sense that one has fallen terribly short of others' expectations, as irritability is usually quite strong during the February Crazy.
*Sudden weeping. When irritability cannot overcome feelings of guilt, sudden emotional outbursts are common. Do not be alarmed. Enjoy wine liberally and hide in a warm bath.
*Vivid dreams that are emotionally upsetting. (note, see
Schmutzie's blog for more on this subject)
*Actions contradict emotions. An individual suffering from the February Crazy may make broad statements about the futility of life and the need to hermit and then will be seen out in public yucking it up. In public, treat an individual with the February Crazy with a gentle hand lest they fall to irritability or weeping. They do not know why they are out in the world, either, and are likely to be easily confused.

In a nutshell, this describes just about everything that went on today. On any given day, I will have a little youngling come with some fabricated story as to why they must have ice for there non existent bump, just so they can have a little baggie with a hard ice cube in it, sort of as a badge of honor. I am the Ice Nazi in the office and depending on my mood, I give ice only for real injuries, so therefore I question them, I feel for a bump, I feel the opposite side of the body where the bump is suppose to be to make sure that both sides feel the same. I explain the horrible dangers of putting ice on a bump that doesn't exist. (you know, ice cream headaches occur if you do that) Putting ice on your eye (which strangely, kids really want to do) will freeze your eyeball and you won't be able to move it for the rest of the day. Today, I had no less than 5 knock im down arguments with kids (mostly girls) who wouldn't take no for an answer. Now, if a kid comes in the office limping on their left foot while holding onto 3 other grade 5 girls, and tried their hardest to get ice for a non-swollen, non-discolored, perfectly mobile , matching the other ankle... ankle, don't you think you would limp out of the office on the same foot. Nope, she got all confused and limped out on the right foot, while the other 3 held her up. Now, before you go all soft on me, these young girls come down almost every day with an sudo injury. She argued til she was blue in her face (which doesn't usually happen, and almost got me thinking she might really be injured) ... first she tried, "the duty said I should have ice", to which I explained that I was the boss of the "ice" and I make that decision thats why the duty sent her in. Second, she said the gym teacher already looked at it, and said it needed ice to which I answered the gym teacher was having lunch and should I call her down to ask her, to which she said no. Then she said she twisted her ankle on the weekend (this is Thursday, remember) and her MOM said, if she ever needed ice, she should get some. To which, yes, you know it, I asked if I should call mom at home to talk about the ankle. Suddenly mom's not at home, and isn't at work either today.... ooooohhhh, so annoying. So then I called it just like it was and sent her on her way... to which she shot me a damaging look (for which I may have needed ice for) and limped off on the wrong foot which set me to giggling all the way back to my desk. That was the "cute" annoying story. So many others today were heartbreakingly bad and just not worth telling.
Now, we, at our school feel that the moon (whether it is full or new) have profound effects on the kids and staff, and couple that with cabin fever (from too cold, or too icy, or too rainy) because it February, have made this week the longest week of the year. But, good news.... no kids tomorrow. Inservice day... yipee. Pizza for lunch to support Sara in her "Joints in Motion" fundraising and then the weekend.

that was my day... and besides the awesome news that Patience had a very healthy little girl at 6 am this morning (and my twins are doing fine too... see previous entry for my dream) it was a crudy one for sure!!
Oh, I am in a Survivor Pool which starts tonight, and I am not a fan of reality shows cause I hate the meanness of it all. They needed a 20th person to fill the pool, so I popped in my $5 and my guy is Chet. Although I don't watch it, I can't wait to hear the gang tomorrow rant and rave. If my Chet wins, I get $100. Wouldn't that be a hoot, I am the only one of the 20 in the pool that doesn't watch it.
Thanks Schmutzie for allowing me to print your words... and giving me a much needed laugh!

PS .. spell check isn't working on blogger tonight, so excuse my misspellings... (if I have any, who knows if I do or not, cause Spell check isn't working)


Schmutzie said...

You're welcome! I'm just glad that I could help you out after such an awful day.

Good luck with the rest of February!

cpm said...

Feb. crazies for sure...I even got yelled at (and I'm so sweet lol!)
Schmutzie is too funny! I'll check her out too! Is she a friend of knitknut?
I've said it once and I'll say it 1000 more times...THANK GOD FOR YOU MY FRIEND!

Anonymous said...

loved reading this blog Donna! I even shared parts of it with some of my fellow workers because as you know "misery loves company" and my school is also experiencing February crazies and we were doing a PEBS inservice yesterday morning(so it fit right in with the theme). So glad to hear that there is a name for it and that we are not the only ones going through it.


ancient one said...

Well, at least I now know what is wrong with everybody!! We have the February Crazies!! LOL Good Post!!

Oh yeah, I like survivor. Usually I'm watching every time. But this year it is opposite American Idol... and guess which one my husband likes to see? LOL