Thursday, February 7, 2008

Baby A is here

Yesterday at 4:29am I received a msn message from Patience... saying "are ya there?". So yesterday morning I called my sister to see what was up. Poor Patience had been up all night with contractions and was walking the floors, just killing time for the next one. We were all pretty excited at our house, but at 9am, my sister called me at work to say that the contractions had stopped and Patience was now resting. Patience sent me a message later on telling me all this. So, we felt it wouldn't really be long.

Last evening, the contractions started again and were regular. Gail, Mert and middle sister Michele headed to St. John to be with Patience. They landed at the Hospital at midnight and Baby Aurora arrived at 6:30 am. She weighed 7 lbs 14oz with brown hair and brown eyes....

Funny how ya dream thought... I woke up at 6:00am this morning and had vividly dreamt that I had twin baby girls (in Halifax) and then I immediately drove to Moncton because Sandra was also having a baby. When I got there, she had twin baby boys... She named her boys Darrell and Corey. My girls were Brenda and Kathleen (Katie for short). Soooo there ya go. My sister told me that Carrie (the oldest of the girls) dreamt that Patience had the baby but named her "Tiny". I guess in our own way, we were with Patience all night long while she was delivering.

I will keep ya posted when I get pictures....

Welcome Baby A, and congrats Patience.

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S said...

it's Chinese New Year today, so she's officially a Rat like me! Welcome, my little cousin :)