Tuesday, April 21, 2009

So.. Whats the problem anyway?

I have lots to blog about. Really, I do. Kids, pets, school, recipes, new magazines, fun egg shapes, bento boxes.. so... whats the problem.
I don't know. Its not procrastination.. really. Its not writers block, I write them in my head, all the time. Its not lazy, well, I don't know if it might not be that... Busy?... not really, well maybe... but enough is enough. I am jumping in with both feet...

April has turned out to be a very busy month for our family, with several events taking place, and some landing on the same day and the same weekend! Michelle and Scott got their apt rented in Dartmouth, getting ready for the big move at the end of April, just before Graduation.
Stephanie has applied for a position with the "JET" program, which is Japanese Exchange Teaching". She filled out many forms, letters of reference, medical tests, gained an interview, flew to Ottawa for this interview, and then she waited.... all the month the March, and then April.. all over Easter and finally, the day she got home from Easter here, she received a letter saying that she is on the "alternate" list, which is the list they will go to when someone cancelled on their contract. .... more waiting for Stephanie. Curling geared up for Terry and I, both having a weekend of bonspiels, one before Easter, and one after Easter... Terry's 50th birthday... ugh...

So, let me tell you about Terry's birthday. As you recall, I had, what I would call, a "non" quiet birthday, where things were little surprises were popping up all the time, and around each corner. Terry isn't really a "celebration" kind of guy and therefore, I steered away from all kinds of things that I could of done. You know, the funny picture in the Newspaper, the funny posters of him at his work place, lawn decorations, etc. Instead, we planned a family supper in Halifax at Jack Astors, our favorite restaurant in the city. Now, something so simple was not that easy to arrange, tell you the truth. the problem was, my ladies bonspiel was that weekend and I look forward to curling with my old friends in this bonspiel all year long. Curling on Fridaynight, and again on Saturday was not the problem really.. but it was how the games landed, according to whether we won or lost. We had to leave Greenwood around 5 to get to the restaurant for 7. Not a problem... until we lost a game, won a game, won a game.. and that landed us in the 4:30pm game... ugh. After much thinking, Terry left for Michelle and Scott's new apt in the afternoon, to help with painting and stripping wallpaper. I played my game and hoped to win so I didn't have to curl until 10 the next morning... sure enough.. we won, finishing early and I jumped in the car, made good time to the city, only to get lost in Dartmouth Crossing and was delayed an extra 10 minutes, getting in the a wrong lane and ending back out onto the highway!!!!!!
When I arrived at the Restaurant, the whole family was seated with Elvis Presley!!! We loved having this big corner table a few years ago when Michelle turned 16, and it was just dumb luck we got to sit here again. Its a big table that sits tons, and its sort of quietly away from all the noise of the restaurant, as well as perfectly shaped table that allows everyone to see and hear each other without leaning and hollering. Have two walls FULL of Elvis parafinalia is just bonus. Hilarious to look at, and funny to talk about. My mom was a huge fan of Elvis, and although I know the words to almost all his music, and have watched all the movies, I wouldn't consider myself a fan.
It was a perfect celebration with family and friends with lots of laughter and stories, great food and then a quick trip back to the kids empty apt for ice cream cake, gift opening and the grand tour of the apt. Golfing and Dr. Seuss was the theme for his gifts this year, which was perfect since he loves both of these things.
Happy Birthday, my friend.


cpm said...

I've NEVER had the chance to sit in the Elvis booth and have always been so jealous of the people who do. I stare at them during my entire meal!!! Did you get the burger Donna? lol!
Happy Birthday Terry! Nifty Fifty!!
P.S. Too funny that you write blogs in your head...I DO THAT TOO! Hilarious! (I take pics with the blog in mind too!)

ancient one said...

Happy Birthday to Terry!

GailM. said...

Happy Birthday Terry... There's not too many left who are not in the 50 club. When you see them, don't tell them the 50's secret, ok?

GailM. said...

I forgot to say that I can see both Michelle and Stef when I look at Terry's baby picture. It's like a morf... how cute.