Thursday, September 3, 2009

Just as I suspected....

We had a much better day today. The bells worked, Oh Canada was sort of on time... no lost children.. in the morning, at least.
I had a tummy ache as I walked into the building this morning, feeling like I was walking into a slaughterhouse.. I dreamt I complained to the "Transportation bosses" about the terrible situation of our buses (such confusing bus runs) and the took ALL our buses away from us. Parents had to come and pick them up...because of me.
Walking into my office today, I expected phone calls with complaints, parents arriving with complaints... I rehearsed answers, in my mind, on the way to school. I waited... and... nothing. Not a phone call. We did have one mom show up and talk to Mrs. Harris at the buses, to discuss the mix-up that her son had. Understandably, she wanted to know how her son got put on his babysitters' bus, when he was suppose to go home. But other than that, there were a few phone calls I made to talk to parents about bus numbers and our dismissal went fabulously (compared to yesterday anyway)
We put a few kids on buses who were suppose to stay here to be picked up, but quickly got them off before the buses left, we had two spare buses with strange bus numbers, which slowed things up until we got that cleared up, and we were delayed by 10 minutes waiting for the buses to arrive from the other schools. All in all.... so much better. Not one lost child.....
My blogger friend, Ann, commented on when her son got on the wrong bus on his first day of school and how awful it was. I totally know how awful that must be, for both mom and child, and I truly remember each and every child that we have gotten onto wrong buses and how that would taint their first day of school. That is partly my tummy ache, because it is never forgotten, or forgiven. Hopefully, it becomes a funny story when they are older... thats all I can hope for.

Some great moments today....
Conversation with grade 2 boy....Me.. "How was your summer, Sky?" He said "great!". I gushed that he had a great summer and I asked him what his favorite part was and he said "playing in the rain!"... That was soooo great to hear. I expected... Upper Clements Park... or vacation talk... or summer camp stories.. or visitors from away.... but playing in the rain... It brought great memories from my childhood of laying on the hot pavement of our driveway, in a pounding rain storm and feeling the hot on my back and the ice cold rain on my front. I would hold my arms up over my head on the pavement and make a dam for the water to build up and then move my arms so it would pour past me over my shoulders. He laughed when I told him about that and he thought that was a good idea!

Little Sara E saw Linda Young (my office partner)for the first time in over a year (Linda was away for a year) and ran to her and immediately asked (with her hands, she is non verbal) if she could feed Linda's Fish "Rosie". Sara use to feed Linda's fish almost 4 years ago, (different fish) and it was so nice to see Sara remember Linda and remember her fish. It was heartwarming!

Funny moment... there is always one..
I got a phone call at about 4:45 today with a mom asking me if there was school next Monday. I told her no, that it was Labor Day. She said that she got the Calendar from us today, and it didn't say No School on that day, it only said "Labor Day". So she thought there might be school!!!!

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GailM. said...

What fun. Back to normal. I love the kid stories. Have I ever told you that you should write a book?