Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Raccoon troubles

Well, one has to love those little raccoons and there ingenious ways of getting things done. We have had a love/hate relationship with the raccoons of our neighbourhood for over 20 years.

This summer we fell in love with three young raccoons who invaded our front yard bird feeder and our hearts, but now I back to be mad at them. When I got my pottery bird feeder a few years ago, I blogged several times about its frequent visitors.
You can have a look here and here to see how fun this feeder has been in the past... I had to add this screen hanger on the bottom of the feeder because the birds spill so much seed, which was quite dangerous for the little guys since
I have a very opportunistic cat! Well my little raccoon friend was on the deck and somehow tore the screen off the bird feeder and mangled it so badly that I can't quite fix it! Geesh.
He didn't stop with the bird feeder either. He also smashed my brand new shiny purple compost bowl that was on the deck and filled with veggie peelings (of no interest most other days). He slid it under the rails of the deck and onto the sidewalk, 5 feet below.
Imagine, just in August I wrote about how sweet they were....


GailM. said...

Wow, are you sure it wasn't the cat that broke the purple pot. That looks too heavy for the poor little BoBo.

ancient one said...

You know how movie stars go out and do outrageous things so they can get back in the limelight? Well, I'm thinking the raccoon wanted some more blog time... and he got it... LOL