Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sunday Morning Entertainment!!!

Well, its not even 11 am and the morning has been a full day so far!!!! It started with a long walk with Mollie from home to Canadian Tire and around the path through the woods and home. We met a dog with his owner but the dog was running FREEEEEEEE. Now Mollie is usually a vicious ogre when she is on the leash, and a huge chicken when she is loose. But today, she was sort of scared but felt she needed to protect me... but as much as she tried to let the approaching dog know that she was wasn't scare of it, it was pretty obvious she was. She made herself as big as possible while she slowly backed up behind my legs..... anyway, it took only 2 seconds for them to make nose to nose contact and Mollie relaxed and enjoyed her new friend.

After our walk, I enjoyed our traditional Sunday morning breakfast (Dad and I) of poached eggs on toast... lots of pepper and a half banana... yum... Coffee with the family and then the wildlife entertainment started. This brave and determined squirrel edged along our canape over the deck for 5 minutes, a foot at a time, skittering back two feet, then ahead two feet..... he went down onto the deck and collected up on fallen seed from the feeder and flew back up to the canape. Then down again, a little faster... another seed.... back up to the post.
I think he knew he had entered into Cave Lion territory. No worries, both my cats were sound asleep in the front yard. After much bravado skittering, he decided he needed to go right to the source of the food..... What a hoot. He got quite brave and brazen actually. after about a half hour, Sonny(my 18 year old, stone deaf, hunter) sauntered up the stairs and settled himself down in a deck chair. Although he has no interest in this squirrel, and couldn't really move fast enough to catch him, the Squirrel was quite shaken by the intrusion and after 10 seconds of staring at the cat, he chose to leap to safety from the feeder to the canape... a span of 4 feet... and run to safety.

Then the phone rings..... Nova Alarms... the School Alarm is going off, and I am third on the contact list... on this quiet Sunday morning, so off I have to go to save the school from impending doom...... or a Sunday Morning Mouse Attack. I met the RCMP there, and they had no interest in going into the school to check for intruders, but I guilted them into it, when they saw me get out of my car and unlock the door. Anyway, as we all suspected, the school was clear. I took advantage of the time there and emptied the fax machine of the applications for Lynn's job and reloaded with paper. I listened to 17 phone messages... and then set the alarm and headed home. There was my Sunday Morning.... gone.!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Donna - lots of excitement around your place this morning. Glad to hear that Kingston School is safe and sound!
The pictures that you take of the wildlife around your home are amazing!! That squirrel was quite brazen this morning - must have been hungry!

Shelley said...

Okay, so now that you've visited mine, I had to visit yours...and post of course, because I hate HATE when people view mine but don't post...

Now I have a do you get that counter up there and post other blogs you like to visit...? I have rummaged around forEVER trying to figure it out...but I am not the savy blogger you seem to be!

Great pics of the wildlife...and a few earlier posts, I was admiring your absolutely beautiful yard/garden!

Chantal's friend...