Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Summer Vacation

Oh..... its stupendous. Yesterday... my first day off. I have 44ish more to go..... I sat in the sun, did 4 loads of laundry.. while sitting in the sun. You know, we don't appreciate washing machines enough.... Imagine having to haul that laundry down to the river and beat it against the rocks... of course we would be sitting in the sun doing that too. Just not the same as stretching out on a lawn chair with a cup of tea, a book and a footstool. Ah...

Dad and I went out on an outing to the Doc's in Middleton and I had a nap around 4. I am still not sleeping at night, because of this cough. Nap was necessary!!

Debbie came over and we scrapped for an evening and got caught on family and school news. The evening was a "GRAND SLAM" evening as well, since Brian went out and bought us some Grand Slam chocolates to accompany us while we scrap. yum.

Terry's mom was down for a very short visit this weekend. Just a little over 24 hours, but we made the best of that time and did lots. We had two nice BBQ's in that time, went to frenchies, Den Hanns, the china shop in Middleton, had a nice fireside story-telling evening and a leisure Sunday Morning. Dad was in charge of the pea shucking!!!
Scott was the lion tamer. Thanks to Paula Gale who perfectly matched my wall color with the cats...And it's a rare moment I can get this sort of shot at the birdfeeder but I thought Sean might like to show his mom this one... She made this birdfeeder and its a HUGE hit in my yard. Even the woodpeckers go to it.

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S said...

can you email me a bigger version of that picture? I'd love to send it to Helen, she can never catch birds at her feeders!