Thursday, July 19, 2007

While you were out!

What a fun few days. I went to the big city of Fredericton on Tuesday... stopping by Sandra's in Moncton for supper and tea. Then early, early Wednesday morning, my sister, Gail, and I intruded on Stephanie's and Sean's apt... to come up with a plan. Stephanie had a vision of "coffee shop" colors. Paint the whole room... or one wall.. or a part of a wall... we rolled around some ideas..and then went to Home Depot... the paint department. A whole wall of color samples, a ton of booklets of ideas. We came up with an idea... and picked a ton of color samples.

Back to the apt, and Sean went to work, Gail went to an apt, and Stephanie and I went to work. We unpacked boxes, sorted clothes, made piles for garbage, piles to give away, we talked the whole time and came up with cool ideas for placements, chairs, boxes, etc. Stephanie and Sean had homework...just like on trading spaces. They had to pick colors... and make a pattern, measure and tape it off. No easy feat, especially with 12 foot ceilings.

At the end of the day, I left them alone and went to have a yummy supper with Gail and Mert. After a Snow Pea stir fry, sausage and rice... we hit Walmart for a few things that the kids are needing and then home again to make curtains for the new apt. The fabric was linen we found in Gail's sewing room and a couple of dollars worth of beads fancied the curtains up enough, and with a tieback, they will be easy to hang down for privacy, and up for light and air. We made the exact same ones for the bedroom but didn't hang those. Sean said he would do that tonight.

The best surprise for me was that Sandra called me last night and offered to come up today and help me with the painting. She was a GOD SEND.... truly... Stephanie and Sean both had to work, and Gail had an appointment in the afternoon... so I was basically solo with the "SS CAFE"paint job. When Sandra called I couldn't believe my ears. Sooooooo amazing.

Thursday morning started with a 8am meeting at READ's coffee shop (the best Cinnamon Coffee I have ever had) and a color presentation. S & S worked for a few hours, taping and bounced colors back and forth... and she left me with two choices. She just couldn't decide. So it was nice that I got some input. We went with a Disney colors scheme... Pluto, muddle something and haycorn brown. the red was RED RED WINE... fun. After buying paint, and a few supplies, I met up with Sandra by 9 and she helped me drag everything up the stairs. And we began!!! 3 coats of everything and by the end of the day... both Sandra and I had done enough climbing, balancing, plies, dives and dismounts that we feel we will be recruited by Circ du Soliel... truly.

First coat was gross but they got better as the afternoon worn on.

The best part of the day was taking the tape off and hanging curtains....

Sandra painted two of the six boxes and the kids will paint the others. they will look so nice in the room with the paint.

The curtains are hung, the crap is all out of the room and chairs moved back in. There is still lots to do, but we are done for the day. Thanks to Sandra for all your help...Gail for all your supervision, a yummy lunch and "passing of things" (that is a huge help when your up on a ladder or box and need a rag or color change)

Gotta love the colors and the beads. Stephanie's curtains match my "beadress" lamp in my dining room...with the cool beads.

Home tomorrow...with Stephanie in tow, with lots of projects for her to do while home....and a list for Sean to do while she is away!!!!


mickermoodles said...

looks great!! i love the boarder, and beadress look alike curtains. see you tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

I love the paint pattern - how creative!!
Glad you had help with the painting - how sweet of Sandra to help you out!
Missing you tho and hope I get a chance to see you ont he weekend before you head out of town again!

S said...

Thank you so much! I can't wait to have the whole room arranged and settled. Too bad you didn't see Macavity the Mystery Cat (Tonks) but maybe on the way back through to Ontario..?

ancient one said...

Great JOB!!

papermemories said...

WOW - amazing...wanna come to play at my house???

cpm said...

C'mon...I can't believe how great that looks?!? Who came up with that awesome idea and design?
Come stare at my blank walls and think up something exciting for them please?!?

linnette said...

just a stranger that happened to come by your blog. i like the boarder. good job!