Sunday, July 8, 2007

Congratulations Lynn

Well, I am over my shock..... and over my pout..... now I am onto revenge. I will miss you terribly, because you are my favorite person to harass, tease, irritate and most of all, laugh with. You have the best laugh, and you are the best to share a laugh with. I think you are well prepared to be a principal, and will be a great addition to Champlain School. You will show that staff what its like to have a "Good Time". I know you will be firm, and fun at the same time.

For your first day at work, I think you should be a little dressed up.... you know, in that nice outfit you wore for your 50th birthday!!!
Then once they get to know you better, you should go for the more casual look. And offer treats and snacks around to the gang (instead of hogging them all to yourself)

I love you Lynn, and I am so pleased for you. I will always be thankful that you never really repaid me for the all the irritating stuff I have done to you in the past, and actually, will continue to do, really. Cause I love ya. You are always beautiful to me.


Josee said...

Congratulation Lynn,
you will be missed at KDS. I am sooo glad you waited until Connor was done so he could have you for grade 5. All the best. Donna, you must feel like everyone is deserting you.

dp said...

Hey Josee
I was thinking that for awhile, but now I am thinking I am the only one stupid enough to stay

cpm said...

Hey hey Josee I'm still there lol! (I guess I'm stupid too!)
Lynn must be so happy that she'll be able to leave her purse lying around with no worries of what "someone" might do to it! hee!hee! I'll miss that big laugh too! but you're right she'll be a great principal! Only she doesn't do announcements!