Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry Potter is here... at my house...

Long anticipated..... anxiously awaited. Family decisions....who reads it first. It was agreed that Stephanie would be first. (Arriving home last night, in time for the release). It is 1:05, and she is on page 229. She started at 11:00am. She has also done 2 loads of laundry. Michelle and Scott, sat for over an hour watching her face as she read. When I came in, she announced that it will be a hard book for me to read!!!!! I wasn't sure what she meant, but under further questioning (to the sounds of Michelle going LALALALALALALALALALA) she told me it was pretty sad so far. Michelle had to work at 12:30, which was one of the factors in the decision to let Stephanie read first. Scott and I are fairly slow readers, and therefore, Michelle is second on the reading list. soooooo.......... Scott drove Michelle to work 35 minutes ago, and arrive back 15 minutes ago, with his own copy. Ugh. Michelle accused him of letting the "only child" syndrome take over, because he just can't stand waiting to read it!!!!!! So, he is planted on the chair in his room, on page 15.

It will be a very quiet afternoon!