Friday, July 27, 2007

Big City Living

Well, I am on day 4 in the big city. According to the people who are use to living in a city, Kelly and Frank live very close together. But to drive from one house to the other, it takes over 15 minutes (at 10pm when there is no traffic) double that time during the day. Its amazing how big a city Ottawa is. One thing about this city.... there isn't a ugly part of it. Not that I've seen yet, anyway. And so much to look at.... Amazing houses, with awesome landscaping...big and small properties... fun pathways.... there are so many cool businesses along each road...."Ottawa Reptiles"....Missy's Executive Pet Grooming"... "Newfie Pub"...."Couples Passion Shop".... Every kind of restaraunts....Lebonese...Italian...Vietamese....Greek.....oh my...the choices. These are all within walking distance to where we are staying.
I start my morning with an hour long walk threw the streets surrounding my in-laws. My first day of walking I stayed on the main streets.... Montreal Rd, Carson...Den Hagg.... but how boring... so I started walking through residential streets and there was so much to look at... I could walk for hours just looking. Also, I was quite amazed that when I met other people along the sidewalks, that no body looks you in the eye, at all.. It was quite unnerving. No greetings, no glancing, no nods.... The second day, I didn't look or nod, or glance, but as I got walking I thought to myself... how fast the city thought process takes over. So.... on the third day... I purposely looked at all my passersby and said hello. How fun..... older people.... looked back and said hello....maybe remembering how things use to be when life was a bit more simple. My age people where 100% responsive.... some nodded, some answered my greeting as an afterthought and others at least looked at me. Anyone younger, which was quite a few simply looked through me or past me. Hopefully they don't think I was a lunatic, but simple someone who isn't totally terrified to say a simple HELLO.
Yesterday... we took a day trip to Renfrew with the whole gang. Two car loads.... to visit an old family friend who has a wonderfully simple home and existence. He lives with the land, and putters all day with gardens, wood, and the nature around him. A lovely way of live. It was a great day and a fun trip with my two little nieces and sister in law. We sang silly songs, place abc games and a fun memory game.
Thats it so far.... we are on stolen wireless...... so I best go for now


cpm said...

It's so funny that you mention the lack on eye contact...I've obviously been "easternized?!?" b/c I find people rude when they look right thru me or don't greet me. I love how everyone chats in the Maritimes. We're in Toronto right now but I'm so happy you are enjoying Ottawa. It is such a gorgeous city. I would have loved to take you around for a day and show you all my fav spots. You must visit the CatMan on parliament hill. Great fun! especially for an animal lover like you. My parents are in the West end (Nepean) but I went to school in the East just off Montreal road at College Samuel Genest...I think it was on Carson Rd.
Anyway, have fun!

Scott said...

Glad to see that you are having fun in Ottawa. I would like to go back and visit there some day soon. You're right about Ottawa being very nice pretty much everywhere - you should go for a drive up Rockcliffe way where all the really really stinking rich people live. And if you want, I could always show you the seedier places of Ottawa haha.

Oh and Chantal is right - you should go see the Cat Man.

Have fun!

S said...

Some of my fondest memories of Ottawa are simply walking around seeing the sights and the people. I think you'd get weird looks even in Fredericton if you greeted everyone, though. It simply Isn't Done anymore.
I was going to suggest more Ottawa fun but then I realized you're probably on your way to Fredericton at this point! So I'll see you tonight.