Wednesday, July 11, 2007

By the Dock of the Bay

Our first lunch out with staff... we visited the tiny but quaint cafe in Margartsville called "By the Dock of the Bay". the room is not as big as my office at school, but Amy and Sue managed to fit us in and get us all eating lunch with 45 minutes. I saw Quiches, salads, fish cakes, soup and plenty of desserts around the table. There were 14 of us today, and from how the summer plans of everyone sound, this will be our largest group. Paulette, Flora and Pat Casey were each sporting pictures of there brand new grand babies. Paulette's little "Hailey" is now 6 months old, and Flora's new grandson "Carson Jack" was born on July 5th, and Ms Patty Casey's little granddaughter "Dylan Alexis" was born on July 4th. How exciting is that. Everyone had congrats to Lynn with lots of questions about her new school... Kelly and Jaimee were there full of excitement over their new jobs (Kelly is at Kingston and Jaimee at Annapolis East) The rest were all sharing vacation plans, gardening stories.. and making plans for September already!!

The next School Lunch will be July 24 at Wheatons, but I will email next week towards the end of the week to get a feel for how many will be there. There are a few who just couldn't make it this week but will be there next time...

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cpm said...

Man you are a good (no GREAT) bogger I mean blogger! lol! Thanks SOOOOOO much for today! It was great to see everyone and the food so yummy! You're the BEST Donna! love you xo