Sunday, July 15, 2007

Backyard project

So, last summer... we worked almost all summer on our backyard renovations. Terry was busy the whole summer. This summer..... terry is not. Therefore he has decided to start creating. He would would to replace our deck over with an awning which will incorporate the whole deck, not just part of it. Why...... not sure......bored...... who knows. So last night he started the prototype. This is the canape that Terry would like to replace. On further questioning, he explained that the deck has lost at least 4 feet of usable space, the rain still gets the furniture and its starting to wear out, after 3 years in the weather.
This is the start of the prototype. It is not put together, just laid out. He acquired this pipe stuff from the dumpster at West Kings, and borrowed the pipe bender over night and did all the necessary bends a few days ago.
While I was outside with terry inspecting this newest project, we both made note of the big footprint in a small unplanted flowerbed in the yard. We chuckled at the fact that Mollie took a shortcut through the bed, when Terry noticed a little oddity. I said I did too, I notice a square hole in the dirt. He said no, look a little farther left...... can you see it?

I think the odd hole I found was the back or front door to a little toads home.. how fun.


papermemories said...

Love your backyard! It is a lovely retreat in the middle of town!
If you have any pics of the brickwork and the whole backyard, could you send them to me? I want to show them to Mel.

Muchos Gracias!

Anonymous said...

We have lots of projects that need doing over here - if Terry is ever too bored or runs out of creations for your sure is looking good in your yard!!

ancient one said...

How neat! As a child we would pack sand over our foot then remove our foot very carefully and we called these little dirt structures "Toad Frog Houses". I have never seen a real toad house before...Thanks for sharing that!

Your new deck cover will be nice.

Shelley said...

Hi Donna,

I got my first "real" stranger commenting on my blog! You should check it's posted on the one where I rant about no responses...a spanish name...too funny!

You, on the other hand, I recognized from Chantal's blog...very strange!