Friday, July 13, 2007

Harry Potter!!!!!!

Finally got to see the "Order of the Phoenix" last night with Michelle, Scott and Terry. Terry came along as a "mild" Harry Potter fan, but the rest of us..... die hard fans.
The movie was fantastic.... dark..... action packed.... I enjoyed the sets.... Snapes office.... the jars on the walls. The Ministry..... oh, I can't wait to see it again.

The clear winner in funny parts ..... Luna Lovegood... She was pretty funny in a mostly dark movie...
Disappointed in how little we saw of Tonks... and quite a few things they couldn't fit into the movie. We were watching for clues.... the locket and odd trinkets in Serius's house (possible cruxs) ... Creature....(who was totally fantastic) The names on the family tree.... nothing that would confirm some of our theories... If they showed it in movie # 5, you know, if they felt it important enough to show it in "Order of the Phoenix" then it must be a clue to the last book ending... but we were disappointed and confused...
all in all... the movie was fantastic..... oh, the death eaters in the beginning....oh so creepy.... 7 days until book 7..... yipee
great website for viewing pictures of the movie :

Purging is happening in the Peters house.... We got our first computer in 1982.... we have had one to two computers in our house ever since. Our children never knew a house without at least one computer, and for many years two. (we now have several, especially when the kids are home). We purged about 10 years ago, all the only floppy disk crap around... but it was time... to purge again... and it was hilarious to see some of the stuff we had... We are down to one bin of cds... (games, programs, archived stuff, pictures, fonts etc). we have over 50 empty jewel cases, and two bags of garbage, 3 CD racks (empty to get rid of), and 3 large "floppy" boxes (for the garbage). This is a box of just floppys and cds...... imagine!!!!

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cpm said...

Feels good to purge doesn't it!!!