Saturday, August 1, 2009

Our Midnight Visitors

Our birdfeeder has been the biggest source of entertainment ever. We know that raccoons get into our feeder at night, because there are several mornings when the feeder it positively licked clean...not a speck left. There are not too many opportunities to catch them in the act since they usually come in the middle of the night.. or so I thought. But last night.. all the planets aligned I guess.. Lucy was perched on the bench and started a very weird growl around 10:45 and when I peeked out.. there was a very tiny raccoon peering in at Lucy. His brother was busy nibbling seed on the other side, while he froze in terror. My camera got a blurred image of two of them, but Scott had his fantastic camera his parents bought for him for his birthday (which is today, BTW)... and he got a few awesome shots. This first picture is what my camera took, and you can see two little eyes behind the first raccoon. The second is a great pic from Scott's camera. We missed several great shots, and we discovered there were three babies and they couldn't all fit on the feeder so they were sort of taking turns.. the way brothers would. Shoving the other off the perch and taking his spot. One was way braver than the others... and got the most food too.

Funny thing.. for a few years now, Terry has cursed those raccoons for taking all the seed in one night... so the birds are left with nothing, but last night, big hearted Terry was concerned that there wasn't enough there for the three little babies...


cpm said...

awww..he may not smile often but he sure does love his animals! lol!
great picture...what a difference a camera makes...i should really invest in a better one myself
Miss you xo

Jacklyn Craft said...

They're adorable. So innocent to look at.