Friday, August 21, 2009

No Problem Keeping Busy now... geesh

I have to laugh when I read the title of my last blog. Keji was peaceful and serene. Its a great benchmark in my mind when the word "Peaceful" comes into a conversation.

Since my last blog its has been a worldwind of driving, visiting, packing, driving, unpacking, packing driving and crying, driving and crying and dying of the heat! So whats been happenin' you ask. Geesh, its one of the situations where so much has happened its hard to even blog about it because you don't know where to start.

I spent 3 days with my sister and its the first time since the wedding that we have spent time together. for the whole year before the wedding, we chatted, traded websites, phone calls, skypes and finally spend weekends together sewing in preparation for the big day. Sadly, the weekend of the wedding we spend no more than 30 minutes
together including phone calls, panic sash pinning, and Sunday morning visit before they hit the road! We needed time to visit, talk about how everything went, and just get caught up on everything.
It is always so nice to connect with my only sister, and although we are very different in many ways we are TOTALLY alike is so many other ways. It was great to get up early, go for walks (even across the walking bridge over St. John River)and an early morning Yoga session, that left me thrilled, exhilarated for more, and sadly.. very sore the next day! hee hee. We talked crafts, kids, websites, food, exercise, our health, our wealth :(, and travel plans. We went to bed early, and got up early. Also in those three days I got to spend some tourist time with Stephanie too, as she showed me around downtown, which we do almost every time I am in Fredericton. We had coffee at Reids (a favorite of both of ours) and walked across the bridge to nowhere, as its tenderly called by the locals. That was horrifying to me, since I am not a fan of bridges, let along on foot. (and it was my second "bridge" walk of the day).
We made plans for the next week, on all the big events we were awaiting. Stephanie had to shrink an apartment full of belongs that she and Sean had accumulated over the past 7 years in Fredericton down to two suitcases, 2 totes and a few boxes of books. Stephanie and Sean are moving to Korea to teach and travel. Her apartment belongings were easy to dispense since she has roommates who are keeping the apartment and therefore happy to keep any furniture Stephanie didn't want. Her personal belongings were the hard work, paring down clothing, books, knickknacks, and mementos to a more manageable amount for us to store for her. She worked hard over the month of August and then when I arrived, it was crunch time. Because they don't have a car, bags of clothing, trips across the city for needles, vet visits were all made so much easier when I arrived and we spent an entire day accomplishing all her last minute things to be done.

Saturday was move out day for Stephanie, but Sean has another month (or less) before he has to go through the same exercise and travel to Korea. In the mix of all this packing, throwing out, giving away and cleaning are two sweet little cats that have been Stephanie and Seans for the past 5 years. On the morning of the move out, Tonks and Paralax were locked away in the bathroom while we packed up the trailer and the car. The girls were given a little happy pill first thing in the morning and by the time we were ready to get on the road, they were mellow and glassy eyed. We packed them up in the carrier and hit the road on one of the hottest days so far this summer. They are moving to my house to spend the year or so with Pika , Terry and I, in quiet comfort. The trip had a stressful start for both the cats and Stephanie but once we separated them into their own carriers, put Paralax on Stephanie's lap, and Stephanie had time to digest the morning of good byes and the events of the whole week... and how well it all went.. the rest of the trip was enjoyable and relaxing.


S said...

I can't believe how Tonks is just sitting on a table looking calm, like a real cat would! I've never seen her have such a painless move. Thank you so much for taking the girls, I think they will be very happy with you :D

GailM. said...

I enjoyed our visit too. I know you don't like bridges, but it was sure nice to have company on our early morning walks across the walking bridge. That bridge to No where came in handy during the big flood a couple of years ago. It was totally underwater along that roadway.