Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Cats of Dalmatian

At one point in my life, I was mother to 5 cats at once, along with 2 dogs, 1 guinea pig, 2 children, one dad and one hubby. Having pets is a part of my life and a facet I have graced both my kids with. Its just a way of life.

Both girls own 2 cats and Michelle and Scott have also added a dog and two guinea pigs to their family over the past year.

One of Stephanie's biggest stresses about packing up and leaving for Korea was what to do with her beloved cats. I can understand her concern, and in a weak moment, I suppose, both Terry and I offered to take them for the year she was gone. After Mollie passed away so suddenly this summer, leaving just Pika here, I looked forward to the extra distraction of two more cats.
Pika didn't share my enthusiasm, however, and when Tonks and Paralax arrived on the scene, he was really not pleased. The weather was extremely hot over the past two weeks and he refused to come in spending day and night out in 31 degrees weather. But eventually, he would come in to eat, then leave. Then in for a few minutes to walk around, check out their belongings, and head back out. Last weekend, the rains of Hurricaneless Bill arrived and Pika decided it was time to come in. He now spends his "sleeping" time inside, and then heads back out. Baby steps I guess.
Tonks... is Stephanie's first cat. Named after Nymphadora Tonks, a Metamorphmagus from the Harry Potter series. She is 5 now, but when she was just a kitten she took a mysterious fall and broke her jaw along with one fang. Stephanie was a big hearted university student and the vet took pity on her and did surgery and wired her jaw for a very minimal cost. She healed well, but I think she is extra small because of her hard start in life and it may have something to do with her shyness too. She has a goofy face and a soft meow, and stays hidden all day long, but when she comes out in the evenings, early mornings and through the night, she is full of spunk and so happy to see us. She loves to be pet, but don't pick her up.. that scares her.

Parallax is a velvety soft grey could be beige short haired girl. She is a super friendly, super curious, 5 year old cat as well. She came to Stephanie and Sean 4 years ago, while living in one of her group apartments, and when the group split up to their own apartments, Parallax went with Stephanie because the last owner wasn't around to claim her. She is irresistibly loving and adjusts well to any location.

We love having them here and Pika will too.

The neutral zone.. all three cats with in 12 inches of each other.. in the kitchen of course.Shelf resting. Good vantage point I guess, but my cats rarely visited this living room ledge.

Not afraid of heights I guess. Michelle gave me two pots of catnip to keep for the cats, and once I hung on a hanger in the kitchen over the sink. The other is up high on top of the air conditioner and safe from the cats - I thought.!



mickermoodles said...

lol you need to use the hanging basket function of those pots to keep them safe from the kitties!

Anonymous said...

When I come back to this world, I want to come back as a pet at the Peters' house - your animals are all treated so well!

GailM. said...

I'm going to embroider you a bag that says Welcome to Donna's Cat House!!!

S said...

they look so happy! and no wonder, they never get catnip or soft food from me. I guess that's what grandmothers are for :)