Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The beginning of things

Now that I am solidly in work mode now, I look back at the summer and wonder if we really did much this summer. We have had a wedding, we have had family stay for a few weeks, we have beach combed, we have camped, gardened, and kayaked. And then it was over!
The end of summer signals the beginning of lots. The beginning of school for Terry and I at our respective schools, the beginning of school for Stephanie in Korea, the beginning of School for Scott at St. Mary's University and the beginning of school for Michelle.

For Terry and I, its the same ole thing, except a few changes each year. Some new staff and some staff that isn't returning. I hate change, its my blanket statement each year. Getting use to a school year without some of them has been weird, but its so busy you fill your day with other things, and just once in a while you stop and reminisce about those who are not returning. Pat is off for a year, and I hope that we see each other socially. Suzanne is off to a new school, which was unexpected, and so, I feel like she really isn't gone, but I just haven't seen her yet (that's also called denial). Danielle, MJ and Sara, both off to new schools and very excited about the changes ahead. That makes it easier for me to let them go, since they are on new adventures and that's exciting. Alicia will be around hopefully at the end of the day to visit (and lend a hand!!!).

Michelle and Scott are off to school this fall, but it will be a be change for both of them, as they venture in different directions, into different worlds. Scott is off to do his Masters at St. Mary's University. He will have to get use to a new school, new classes, driving to school each day and having classes at suppertime instead of during the day, doing something he absolutely loves.... Michelle will be off to community college to study Baking and Pastry Art... What a blast. She will be wearing uniforms, taking public transit to school with a 7:30am start to her day and doing something she absolutely loves to do....Stephanie, in Korea, riding confusing buses, eating unfamiliar foods, totally out of her element in two elementary schools, doing something she has absolutely wanted to do for a few years....

I have shared Stephanie's blog address with you. Both Michelle and Scott are blogging their new adventures as well. There blogs are listed on my side bar as well, but if this is a facebook read, I will link their blogs here..
Micks Blog "Ohmyblog"


GailM. said...

I never thought of that. Everyone in your family starts school again. And the cats have the house to themselves. I'm making cat mats for your brood.

S said...

It's so weird to be back in an elementary school! I knew way more about the things that go on behind the scenes in elementary than most kids do, so now that I'm here I keep comparing it to how it was when I was little.