Thursday, July 30, 2009

Post Wedding Confusion?

My job doesn't need me over the 7 weeks of summer. Well 7 weeks of my summer. I start my summer the second week of July and go back to work after the third week of August is done.

Last summer after my dad passed away and June being so hectic... I relaxed. I read, cooked, cleaned, gardened and read. In amongst renovations, kayaking and family gatherings.. I rested, I mourned my loss, and I reveled in my free time. It was my first summer, ever, that I wasn't taking care of someone. It was foreign, yet comfortable.

This summer has been very different. We have planned for a year for Scott and Michelle's wedding... sewing, creating, cooking, renovating, gardening, phone calls, MSN'ed, surfing the net and networking with friends. When I finished work this summer, I slipped right into 24/7 wedding preparations. I was surrounded by friends, three young wedding helper nieces (seen here making autograph books) then, the real fun began with all the arrivals.. which took place over the week preceding the wedding.
The wedding was only a weekend long, but it felt like a week, all in itself. Understandably so, with over 50 people dining here on Friday night, after the rehearsal, and another 20 having lunch here on Saturday before the wedding, and then 30ish people having brunch on Sunday morning. By Monday evening, it was just my Ontario family and Terry and I (oh, and 2 dogs, 3 cats, 2 guinea pigs and 2 praying mantis). We relaxed, we talked, we laughed, and even played a few games, but mostly we relaxed. Just 5 days ago.. everyone was gone, including all the extra pets..and it was quiet.

The first day, we kayaked, the second day.. Terry went back to work... and I was home alone. I was positively giddy. No kidding, I had soooo many things to do... but I puttered. I did very little other than laundry. It was foreign but fun at the same time.

I am on my 4th day home alone. It is starting to feel like last summer and it feels nice but I can't help but feel guilty for laying out on my bed, listening to the rain, and read my new book from Paula (via Donna D). What is wrong with me.... guilty!!! I know, but its there... and I didn't feel it last summer. I must be going mental!

Post wedding confusion... it has to be that... ugh. It better go away! I want to enjoy this!


cpm said...

You deserve to relax! You NEVER get to're always too busy taking care of everyone else!
I remember after our wedding and honeymoon I was like..."hey where is everyone? Should i be doing something?!" and then the reality sets in that there's NOTHING to do but enjoy your own company. so ENJOY IT! It won't last long! xo

Jacklyn Craft said...

When you go from feeling like you've run a marathon to having to stand still, it takes time to adjust. It'll happen. Enjoy!

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