Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wedding Shower fun

Our dear friends gathered to have a wedding shower for Michelle in preparation for her wedding. It was a beautiful day and Lyndsey and her mom hosted us at their beautiful home with a magnificent view of the valley (and a herd of horses entertained us for part of the afternoon). We played some hilarious games, one being a relay race out in the yard (we entertained the horses, I suspect, with our running, screaming and laughing). The other was a grocery game which had you guessing prices of ordinary grocery items. I was taken aback at how poorly I did at that game, but the old girls won the relay so I guess you can’t win them all.
Michelle received so many awesome gifts and great ideas for gifts too.

Lyndsey and Cricket are getting ready for Lyndsey’s wedding which is two week after Mick's and we hosted a shower for Lyndsey last week…. Michelle came up with some really fun games and cute prizes. There was tons of laughing and story telling, and Lyndsey got the boobie prize in one of our games which was a sort of Yankee swap.. and although the other 3 prizes where pretty cool, our little bride to be scored the Pink Sunglasses.... what a hoot.

the snacks were a challenge to come up with because we wanted this spread to be friendly to people with food sensitivities... We had lots of crackers and veggies, and a few dips that were gluten free (thanks Karen Brewster for your recipe) a very nice gluten free carrot cake and a fancy fruit display. Below are a few pics of the building of the fruit bouquet!


cpm said...

OMG! The fruit display is SENSATIONAL!!! Michelle is crazy talented!!!
Both brides are so sweet. I'm glad they got treated to such nice bridal showers. They deserve it!

GailM. said...

What a cute way to display the fruit. Fun fun...