Friday, July 24, 2009

Finally, I can show pics!!!!

The girls. All special. All Family.
Top row (girls in black)

Ashley (BF) Stephanie (Sista) Mick (Girl of the day) Lyndsey (BF) Megan (BF)

Tall girls in white

Meredith (Cuz NF) Emily, Jessica (Cuz NB), Caliegh (cuz NS), Aubrey (cuz Ont)

Smaller girls in White

Amelia (cuz NF), Caitlyn, Grace (cuz NB), Gillian (cuz Ont) and Laura (cuz BC)

Aurora -
God daughter (and cuz NB) and toddling show stopper, sneak peek at Mitchell, cuz from NB Grace
(cuz NS- usher) The boys

Jeremy, Pat, Scottie (the man of the day) Matty and Drew (cuz Nf)

Mitchell (cuz NB) William (cuz NF)

The day was special for everyone involved. Michelle and Scott wanted all the family in their wedding and even though I thought it wouldn't work, it worked beautifully and was a wonderful experience. What a great way to bring two families together.
I am having trouble with this blog, getting pictures to go where they need to go, so please go to the below website to see more pictures. If, you have pictures, you can also upload to this website, so that we can all see them and use them in future blogs, albums and storytelling!


tdp said...

wow! everything looked so beautiful! It is hard to imagine your baby all grown up now and married. It seems like I just yesterday, she was in grade 8 and hanging out with Jackie Geiger and that crowd :)
Both your girls have become beautiful young women, not that I am surprised....

ancient one said...

Everthing was so pretty... I think I remember that y'all sewed all those white dresses on the young girls.. so much work but worth every bit of it... It was Beautiful Wedding... and your daughter is so pretty... I loved seeing all the other pics on the link you provided...

cpm said...

ahhh! i just looked at the online album and cried. See...thank God I wasn't there! lol!
the pics are beautiful! you must be so pleased b/c everyone is saying what a great time it was!
The mini-people head tables treats were really thought of everything! you always do. Can't wait to talk in person.