Sunday, July 26, 2009

What to do next.....

Michelle and Scott's wedding was just a small part of the last 2 weeks, really. We had more people through our doors, than Via Rail. Today, is my first day with just the small group of Terry, me, Mollie and Pika. Feels very strange. I have mountains of laundry, every floor needs a moppin', plants need care and I can't even talk about what the garage needs.

With all that hangin' over our heads, and the fact that Terry goes back to work tomorrow.... we decided to go kayaking with our friends Bill and Robin.

Robin is new at kayaking and McGill lake was a great place to build up some confidence. It was calm in spots, a little choppy in others and windy on the way back. But each different situation was not long and she was with three other people so by the end of the paddle, she was feeling pretty good. It felt so good to be out there, and this was our first trip out this year. Can you believe it.. not the last.. we may go again tomorrow night.. somewhere closer.


Anonymous said...

fun times - hope we continue to get weather that is suitable for your kayaking adventures!

cpm said...

FUN! It must be so nice and cool on the water too...and what a workout (much better than playing squash with me...and without all the swearing! teehee)

I will keep my eyes peeled for a "Toys Go Here" sign for your car. You need that! It made me happy to see it! (plus it totally increases your cool factor!)