Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Change Is As Good As A Rest..... or so they say

Well, it happened.... they have been telling us it would happen... and it really did.  They renovated our school office over the 7 working days between Christmas and New Years, and WOW... what a change.    For many reasons, our office needed some upgrading.  Better doors, better flow... some security additions for when we need "added" security.   

 It began in the spring when we, as a team decided the flow in the office was not working.  The doorway was congested and things were to high for some kids, and visibility for doorways was to restricted.  Blueprints were made (on graft paper), changed, added to, changed again, and things added (that we didn't want), and things taken away. Time lines were discussed, and plans were drawn up.  Last day of working before summer break was spent packing, culling, dusting and organizing until the office was ready for "Reno's".  
 You know, when you haven't moved in ages.. you just gather a lot of junk.. and our office is the dumping ground for a lot of things.  You can see in the above pictures... we have a lot of stuff.. and the green tape on the floor represented some renovation notes... measurements and markers.

 By the end of the day on that last day... everything was in boxes, and we said a final good bye to our blue counter and the old messy office.

 Well, all summer... I stopped in the office.... nothing was started... every week.. wondering.. worrying.. wishing it was done and over.   And then... we got the word... it just wasn't going to get done.  So many other things needed to get done across the board.. and so few workers and so little time... we just didn't make the cut.  Secretly.. I was so relieved.  There is just so much to do in August and September.. and to have a new office to content with was stressing me all summer.  So... the promise was it would get done over the Christmas Break... to which we all gave a knowing (not likely) nod! 

packing boxes on the last day of school before Xmas Break.
Then... beginning of December we had a visit from the Gods of Construction.. and they had pens and paper, and measuring tapes and paint chips.. and questions.. and promises.   It looked promising but the undertaking seemed daunting... two new doorways, taking out windows and doorways, flooring, new counters, new paint.. new cameras and buzzers... moving PA, moving phone lines, and printers and computers.. in 7 working days.
So we packed our boxes once again, and stacked them in the middle of the office and said good bye once again to our dingy cluttered office with its yellow walls and blue counter.

Well, on Monday of the Christmas Break I stopped by for a little peak.. to see if I should get my hopes up or not... and What do to wondering eyes should appear... but busted out windows.. and door frames and smashed out counters.. and bricks flying every which way!

The set of windows as you walk in, and the door way with old blue paint!

The counter with the step up.. hiding 20 year old wallpaper!
The first new door which is between the two sets of doors coming in the building.
So you can compare, see what the old office looked like below.
What the office windows looked like before.

The second door is taking shape with a peep window too

The old doorway will be no longer

The door way is coming out

Its taking shape.... this is where the old door way and is no longer.

 Just seven long days for the construction crew and another whole day by the office girls, we have a clean and inviting office. 
 We have two doorways, one for entering and one for exiting.  We have a beautiful tall counter with plenty of room for parents and children. 
 My phone does not do justice to the colors, so please do not judge.  The colors are warm and inviting and look awesome with our wooden furniture.
 There are about 15 little things that need to get done, like phone wires, and printer stuff, and things hung all the wall.  We have floor tiles that need to be replaced and baskets purchased and signs made.
 But it feels like home already and we can't wait to have all the little "post" renovation ends done so we can relax and start enjoying the upgrades!  This was after Day 1 open for business.  I didn't take "unpacking" pictures.  It was too awful!
We have to put things on the wall, and a charging station is being created for the walkies... bulletin board hung.. you know.. just lots of little things to do.. but I couldn't wait to show all of you.


Anonymous said...

It looks terrific! I Congratulations! kofo

Anonymous said...

I love it! I need to come over and visit. I guess I won't need my step stool at the counter anymore? ;) Your elves did a wonderful job by the looks of your pictures.

GailM. said...

awesome. Love the colors..