Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Years 2015

 I never baked with either of my Grandmothers.  I don't really remember baking or cooking with my mom until I was a teenager.  I am not sure where I got the thought that grandmothers are suppose to bake with their grandkids.  It could be the inspiration of my sister who bakes all the time with her 6 grand children.  No matter where it came from.. I love baking with Jack.
For Christmas this year, Stephanie bought Jack an Easy Bake Oven (a very modern version, mind you) and I bought him a Sesame Street cook book, filled with fun and easy cookies and muffins to make.
Jack's love for books opened the way to us sitting and looking at every page and every picture on Christmas day and that opened the door to making a bake date to start our cookie baking plan.

Jacks job .. placing them on the sheet

Now, I thought we were making cookie snakes when we started the day, but when I opened the recipe book to the right page, I was quickly corrected and directed to the cookie catepillar page.   We had to make a chocolate cookie dough, refrigerate it overnight (very cruel to a kid)  and then cut a million little chocolate circles.

Jack taste testing every type of sprinkle

 It called for Nutella for the filling, and since we didn't have any of that, we make a chocolate chip and peanut butter melted spread to stick all the little circles together.   Some eyeballs, some dinosaur feet sprinkles and other odd sprinkle decorations and the cookies were complete.
They didn't look much like the book, but good enough for our crowd.
The last little bit of dough was too small to make anything, so I made a larger cookie in the shape of a heart.  Jack decided that this cookie would be for Papa.
When it was baked, we added chocolate spread to the top and then dumped sprinkle balls on the top of it.
After lunch, when it was time to eat the cookies, which one do you think Jack chose to eat..
Yup, Papa's heart cookie... with all the sprinkles

Missing from the plate above is the Heart cookie... we only thought to take a picture of these gems after we had eaten some!


Sandra Perkison said...

I love the cookies....great job you two!!!

GailM. said...

Love love love. Brings back memories of when all my kiddos were small.