Saturday, January 10, 2015

I love Saturdays... have I mentioned this before!

Our river is stunning in the winter.  Terry and I sneaked a little winter walk in to our Saturday morning before all the housework, grocery shopping, family visiting and church craft creating took over.

Of course only one of us has snowshoes.  Terry doesn't seem to want any, even though he use to love snowshoeing.  I think it won't take too many of snowy walks for him to change his mind. 

 When you take the "secret" path through the woods, you end up in a big field.  Well it use to be a secret but someone has built a wide bridge over the little creek that you used to have to leap over, or tiptoe over a big log.  I love the new bridge... so much easier to snowshoe across.

 You have no idea how many tries we had to do to get ONE picture of the both of us with the white snowy backdrop!  It was like walking through a black and white photo!
 Heading back to river after a long trek through the woods.
The beauty just never stopped.  I didn't want the walk to end.  The snow covered rock in the picture above is what we call "Jack's" Rock.  We have lots of pictures of him on or around this rock and it never really had a name for the first 25 years we have walked by it... but now... its Jacks Rock to us.
Sept 2014 walk through the woods with Papa!

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GailM. said...

oh, makes me wish I was home to walk with you..