Friday, January 26, 2007

Family anyone?

I thought everyone came from a big family. Really. I had only one brother and one sister. But my mom and dad had so many sisters and brothers, I just thought that everyone had as many aunts, uncles and cousins as I did.

Meet my mom's family THE BOUDREAUS (1941)

Honest. This is my grandparents and their 16 children. My mom, was 12 when this picture was taken. She is the 4 youngest. You can see her head is in between my grandparents heads, and behind my uncle Romay, the young boy in between my grandparents. My mom's older sister by 2 years (the next in line as far as siblings) was my Aunt Angeline, and she is the farthest girl on the left. She was extremely tall and my mom told the funniest stories about my Aunt Angeline. My mom (Aurore) was extremely jealous of Angeline, because she was older and got to do more, and also because she was so tall. Angeline was so tall, she didn't get many hand me downs, and alot of her things (Clothing) were bought new, or given from other families. My mom always had hand me downs. Grounds for jealousy, I guess. This family was extremely close, and to this day all keep in touch on a regular basis. Although there are only 5 sisters left.

Meet the Boudreaus (1976) Our only family reunion. Of all the family members, only my grandfather had passed away, and that was in 1958.

My mom is the second woman from the left, and my tall Aunt Angeline is next to her on her left.

So... that is 16 on my mom's side... now meet my Dad's family


Yes, another big family. There is one person missing from this picture. My uncle Leo because this picture was taken at his funeral. He died fairly young from cancer. This picture was in about 1950. My dad... is the center man, in the back row, sort of framed in the window. Sooo..... that is 11 aunts and uncles on my Dads' side.

In total, I had at one point 27 "blood" aunts/uncles. Every one of them were married, and most had at least 3 kids, with some on both sides having 6 to 7. That gives me over 200 first cousins and countless second cousins, when you add up both sides.


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Anonymous said...

Gotta love BIG families! My Mom and Dad come from 9 and 11 respectively and then only had one child! I like to say they got it right the first time so they decided to stop after me!!! Family gatherings were always fun and everyone was connected since my Mom's older sister and my Dad's older brother were married as well. Too cool eh?!?