Thursday, January 11, 2007

Gotta love Grey's Anatomy

Well, Grey's Anatomy means popcorn and chocolate. Period. I don't care about diets or new eating plans, some things are sacred. Tonight is no except.

Good show, but I am hoping things will happen in the Part 2. O'Malley... coming to his senses about Torres. A kick of reality can do that. I remember that feeling...knowing... after my mom's cancer surgery. There's no way to describe it and I don't know if he is a good actor, or I just have vivid memories of my own experience, but he brought me to the big gulping tears when he realized the truth about his dad. Good news about the pee though...never give up, they call that hope. Who didn't see it coming between Addison and Alex... oh, what next. I don't suppose anyone will take my bet that Issie is going to pay the surgery for the back surgery for the spunky spit fire. Oh, by the way..... I snore too. Do you think now that Meridith's secret is out, it will become the "in" thing. according to my Mother In Law... I am totally "in" with Meridith.

Rick Mercer has summitted his blog about his Xmas in Afgahnstan. He's an amazing writer...not as good as my Stephanie, but pretty darn close. Check out his blog, its on my list of Blogs I Visit. My old friend Robin Bradshaw is over there right now (for the second time), and will be home in June. She had to spend Xmas there this time, and left her hubby and two teenage kids here. That was the hardest for her.

Off to Halifax tomorrow to see my own Dr. McDreamie..... a final check up, where I get to bare it all for one last time, yipee on that one. While in the city, Terry and I are going to visit the only existing Curling Supply store in these parts and I am pretty excited to go there. It will be the only sports equipment store where I will know what most of the stuff is, and what it is used for. I hope to get a new broom head and maybe a new gripper...

I will be on the road early tomorrow morning to Halifax so off I go to bed early..

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