Thursday, January 25, 2007

ok... Marry Me?

Grey's Anatomy... is full of surprises. What wasn't a surprise to me was Izzy's 8 million Clinic.... The minute that came up, it was a given.

So, will Christina say YES... will Cally say NO.... thats my guess. whats yours?

Interesting tidbit.... Kingston "King of Donair". The owner, Jean Boulos. Best smelling man in Kingston. Did you know he was a lawyer in Lebanon. Imagine. I had a great conversation with him on Saturday, and its pretty darn amazing. He makes the best pizzas and donairs in the world, and he was a lawyer. I commented on how hard he works and how great his restaurant is, and I asked if he loved what he does now and guess what he said. NO... not one bit. He is here, in Canada, working 12 to 14 hours a day, for his kids. Heres the scoop. He loves Lebanon, he loves his life there. He is christian and lived amongst all religions, but when he was 21, the Serians killed his father, and Jean didn't shut up about it. He talked too much, and it became dangerous for him to stay there. He is here because its not safe for his family there. He never worked in Lebanon, he didn't have to. He is sure making up for it now. Just thought you would like to know that. We are pretty lucky to be Canadian.

Mick... working hard as the RA of Burke House. Has her 33 little puppies she takes care of, and her several shifts a week on duty patrolling the halls of three houses which are all connected. Now she has applied for a Senior Residence Assistance, which is a lot more responsibility. A bit more money, but a bigger room, apparently. That will give her much more space to collect lots more crap to drag home each year... ugh... kidding, Mick. Well, maybe. Besides the job part of Antigonish, Michelle is studying hard and enjoying her classes. French was a bit scary to start with but the eccentric teacher of first term, and the nostalgic characteristics of her second term teacher have won her over to the "loving" french side again. Historys of all discriptions are also a great experience, and she is thriving on the psyc courses too.

Stephanie... starting to dream of her Masters/Phd. Toying with University of Toronto and being woed by UNB. She has her mitts on a sock knitting machine. Can you believe that. and it works. Thanks to her amazing dad who can build and perfect 1883 metal knitting machine parts. She is totally excited about this contraption and is going to knit some socks for her dear old grandfather who is very picky about his socks. She also has designed a cool scarf pattern for knitting, and has set her goal on designing 4 more patterns, so she can sell them on the web, and one freebe for to use free advertising for her. She has lots to say on her studies at UNB if you go to her blog which you will find in my favorite blogs to go to. I can't possibly tell you all her school news.

My weekend... I will be purging more stuff from the house, starting with the computer stand... Anyone interested in the Secrets of Windows 3.1, or Windows 95 secrets. I have no less than 6 books on old windows... time for the Blue bin... stay tuned... I plan on keeping you all posted on my purging. How exciting. I am also starting to scan and compile some interesting history pictures of my family. Only because I have nothing exciting to blog other than my history.

Say no Christine... Burke is going to get fired anyway. He was nasty to George, and we aren't allowed to do those things... Burke is on his way out....


Josee said...

Hey Donna,
Marry George not Burke, like you I think he is on his way out. Also would marry McDreamy if he asked. Keep up the chit chat.
PS what is a purse club? I could so be in that, I bought 6 in Italy

Anonymous said...

hummm, I think they will both say no. I really do hope he is on his way out, I can't seem to get by the real person, and think of him as being nice Burke anymore. Love reading yoir chitchat donna. Karen B

Anonymous said...

Do you people realize these are "fictional" characters?

(hey Daaaaana I always wanted to be 'other'!)