Sunday, January 14, 2007

Weekend Supreme

Its been a long weekend for me.. as I wasn't at work on Friday. Have a rendez vous with my Dr. from Halifax. He isn't happy with my scars from last years surgery, and therefore he has decided that the first treatment for scarring wasn't successful, so he tried steriod injections. 5 of them over one inch of scarring. Just to see if it makes a difference... ugh. It was somewhat painful plus he has killed my chases of qualifying for the olympics in upcoming trials. I have mixed feelings on whether I want these injections to work or not. On the upside, they will soften and flatten my otherwise ropelike scarring and they will stop itching. On the downside... if he used 5 injections in a one inch distance, that would be ... uh... over 20 inches of scar.... way too many injections.
After that rendez vous, the rest of the day was a lot of fun. Terry and I went in a few furniture stores looking for a chair that would suit our livingroom and also suit dad's height. We picked out one at each store we were at and found the best deal and a suitable chair at Sears. It arrives this week. Costco was fun too, and then home.
Saturday was a busy day, cleaning up the junk in the house. Five boxes are full, and out in the garage, ready to get rid of via Friendly Neighbours, yardsale, or Diabetic Association, whichever one we can arrange first. That was 5 boxes, just from our laundry room/storage room. We are planning on amalimating 3 computers from downstairs, into one, which will free up some space in the spareroom (we call Scott's room). I have decided and announced to Terry, that we no longer need our collection of information books (each 2 inches thick) on Windows 95, Windows 3.1, Windows 95 for Dummies, and so on. These books come second hand to us from Terry's uncle, who has probably read every one of them. Terry has never cracked the binding on any of them, but yet they are on display for anyone to use, if the need to. We have at least 4 feet wide of these lovely books and old programs, games etc in books across our Computer stand. Needless to day, BLUEBOX for them all. My craft room, will be overhauled and rearranged starting Monday night. That is the plan, anyway.
Saturday night was a fantastic dinner out with several friends. A yummy meal, great laughs and a few games of "Pass the Ace" which I did terrible at, for the first game, and not much better the second. But a bag of laughs just the same.

SUNDAY Afternoon Snooze
OK, is that not heaven or what. Some days you just have to have a snooze. Seems like we were all catching a few.


Anonymous said...

Too cute! Is that two dogs or a dog and a cat? If that's a's HUGE!!!

dp said...

that is our Cat.. Pika who is orange, and our Black Dog Mollie