Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Fall of a Castle

Just a quick point, about yesterday's blog. Our camping trip to Blomidon last year was a castle bust. It rained the entire weekend. We didn't get to build a castle last year! No fun without kids, anyway!As the tide surged its way up the beach towards the castle, the kids decided they were ready to take it on. Walls were sturdy and reinforced with as many boulders as Scott could retrieve! Gillian watched pensively as the tide rolled past our Early Warning Marker and made it way to the front walls. Thank heavens for the boys who put in a second wall to protect the castle. Aubrey tried her hardest to shore up the little walls of the warning fort... but had to give it up for bigger worries. On Guard.... read to fight the tidessss
Then it started to break through the first wall. The panic and excitement was on... I was so sure we would win this year and beat the tides... it was the best castle ever.!!!
Then the second wall.. The bridge held off the assault for seconds before it raced totally around the main part of the castle. And now the end.... time to stand on the castle and go down with the fort.! United we stand.... united we go under!!!! But Aubrey saved the front rock and some of the crab/shell decorations and then made a tribute to a fun day! the entire destruction took less than 10 minutes!!!! What a hoot.


jo(e) said...

That looks like so much fun!

jo(e) said...
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GailM. said...

Nice pictures. Are you getting the hang of the camera.. Kids make all the difference don't they.

Anonymous said...

It was an absolutely perfect Blomidon experience!!! Thank-you again Terry, Donna, Scott and Michelle for making it happen. Mark your calendar for next year!!

ancient one said...

And it only took 10 minutes? Looks as if you all had fun.