Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Garden News

Bet you have been missing my garden news. This time last year, I had several boring garden blogs. But I have spared you many of them this year.

I planted my Scarlett runners quite late this year, and I also have some awesome seeds from my blogger friend Ann. I was very excited to get these in the ground. They started popping up out of the ground around June 20th. Its been 20 days and they are coming up quickly. The Hyacinth beans were much slower to come up and I made sure to mark them on the row, so I would know which were which. Not really a problem to tell, as it turns out, because the Hyacinth leaves have a different shape and deep Burgundy vein going through them. About a week ago, when Scott and Michelle were home, the boys strung up the "upper" strings for the beans and really just in time! By the time they got them all up, the tallest bean was right to the top of the strings that were strung in June. They are way past that now, and they have made the bend at the top. I have to go out daily and wrap the new growth around the strings. They only need a bit of help for the first foot or so, and then the climb crossways instead of up. They don't really have a choice be

My yellow beans growing in my little garden are all up too. They were planted way tooooo late, but we will see how they do. I have tomatoes and cukes and 2 and a half small rows of Yellow beans. Oh and not to mention the rhubarb.

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ancient one said...

Wow... you really have such a pretty place. Your garden is growing so well.

I planted my beans you gave me behind the old ancient fence. I put strings up for them to grow up... they are almost over the fence. It has been extremely dry here and I planted these beans in the ground. I probably should have put them in a pot as the ground is so hard around here.

I'll post a picture soon.