Thursday, January 1, 2009

Day 1 of 2009

Its the ultimate in "beginnings". You know what I mean. Most of us, well, me especially, love to start things on Mondays, or on the first day of the month. I need to watch a movie from the very beginning (unlike my father, who was quite content to flip to a movie, 30 minutes into it, and watch the whole thing, ugh) I need a definite "starting" point.

January 1st... the ultimate in beginnings.. Maybe this is why New Years Resolutions are so popular with some folks. Michelle says she doesn't need New Year's resolutions, because she makes resolutions all year long... she decided.. she follows through... Nice way to be. I am not usually like that. Therefore... like I said before .. the ultimate...

Today, in our little village, we have snow.. and lots of it... Yesterday,... we had green.. bare ground. Bare trees and bare roads. We have been in Blizzard watch for the past 24 hours and we love blizzard watches, especially when we didn't have anywhere to go. Unfortunately, Jill & family couldn't come to our home for New Years eve family game night, because the weather was frightful. We did spend a fun evening though with the Walker family, playing a multitude of games and ate a multitude of snacks too. Madgabs was a blast but I am not sure who actually won... there was some scoring problems and some difference of opinions but I do think the girls were better at it!!!! Bananagrams... always a great game, and I think everyone had at least one win, but Debbie was definitely the most heckled opponent, due to the fact that she "split" the most, and won most of the games, as well.

Midnight came and went during a game of Dice... which was a battle between Ashley and Bryon but in the end, Terry snuck up from the ranks and WON.. booooooo... The Walkers braved the weather and walked home after all the games.. trudging through the snow and braving the winds.

Midnight, to me, marked the end of 2008, a year of lots of little "ups" and some pretty big "downs"... and it signaled the start of a better year. Even though we were in the throngs of a heated dice battle, the bells of the new year tingled in my heart.. warming me.. and bringing on a smile.

I have no resolutions... they are more like... "smarten ups" and "get back on tracks". Take better care of my self... more physical activity, more respect for pending ailments that linger in the shadows. Write more cards to a good listener....keep up with the laundry and dusting... ok, they get less important as the list grows.

I love January 1st, it just feels like a great beginning. Who knows what this year will bring. With graduations, wedding plans, and Stephanie's many exciting possibilities.. should be an interesting year..
oh, must share a rare moment.. kittens, sitting still.. together...


ancient one said...

Loved your snow... cold but sunny here today...old people like me went to bed and didn't wait to see the new year come in... guess what... It made it without me...LOL Your games sounded fun! Hope 2009 will be a wonderful year for you and your family!!

Scott said...

Great picture of the boys! See you tomorrow!

cpm said...

Listening more??? That is definitely NOT something you need to work on! You are the BEST listener! Happy 2009 Donna! I'm sure it'll be full of very high HIGHS and hopefully not as many lows! Boo to those! Love you!

Anonymous said...

I am so enjoying your blog you are a wonderful should write a book. Thanks for allowing me to follow along.

Your curling buddy!