Thursday, January 29, 2009

Projects.. projects..projectss

It has been quite a while since I have had a sewing project. I have had the luxury of a "craft" room for 20 years.. A place to call my own... I have storage shelves, cupboards, peg board with hooks, a TV and tall table for standing at. I have used my room for many things... but most recently I use it for scrapbooking, make church crafts and gift wrapping. I love love love sewing. But not really clothing.. I love sewing little gifts and stuff... but I haven't sewn in a while.

This past weekend, my sister and her hubby arrived from Fredericton with all her fun sewing stuff and we began a weekend of creating. Some things I can't show you, because its wedding secrets..but these are the colors and the fabric...hee heeWith white fabric we made 5 little dresses for some little people in the wedding party. Well, actually, not all of the dress. Just the bodices. We had planned on making the whole dress, but we were less than confident on the proper sizes, even with all the great measurements that people sent us... sooo, our solution was to make the bodices and then I am going to pop them into the mail to get them tried on....

My sister has this amazing sewing machine that does fancy embroidering and she made two very cute projects for Chantal little ones... (they are oat bags for warming their toes each night when the snuggle under the covers)

The machine does great sewing, but it take a lot of foolin around to get the pictures all designed, then transferred to the computer and then to the machine... once its there.. you need to sit and do all the color changes... but it it amazing to watch... I hope to work on some projects with my friends.. Debbie and Pat Casey... Debbie.. start thinking of little things you want to make and Pat.. I already know you will be looking at baby stuff.. for Dylan..!!!
I made a little design today for a overnight bag I am going to make for a young girl who is due for her new baby next week. I bought a few "orange" items to put in the bag which will be black. She can bring it to the hospital with her.


Anonymous said...

Looks like so much fun - now I have to think of what to embroider!!!
Love the bag for Vanessa and all the orange toiletries - what a fun idea - she is a lucky girl to have you thinking about her!

GailM. said...

You are so nice to make something for Vanessa. Have fun sewing. I was sewing with my other Pfaff today, and I love my "spare" machine. I don't get to sew on it enough but it's sews so nice!. I love the Vanessa monogram you designed. it's sweet.

ancient one said...

That is a very pretty design you made for Vanessa. I'm sure she will be so pleased.

Those first two oat bags were really wonderful. I can't even imagine how a sewing machine can do that.

Anonymous said...

okay...I'll bite: who's Vanessa and what's with all the orangey gear??? KofO

SAM said...

I wish I knew how to sew....and you are talented!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Donna you are one talented lady!! The bag with the orange toiletries is a fantastic idea, so creative.
Happy sewing,