Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A little mouse told me

Ever since our first snow fall this winter, I have noticed the strangest little trail on our side walk. Truly, every day... after we get a dusting of snow, there is evidence of a new trail, but in the exact same spot.. Last night during our snowstorm, Terry was out shovelling and the little trail appeared just minutes after he went by. If you look carefully at hte picture above, just pass Terry's foot prints you can see a little trail across the side walk. Below is a closer look. It is there after every snow fall, and its always in the same spot.
It starts and ends in the snowbanks with a little hole... tiny hole.. Terry figures its a mouse trail. They must have an undersnow path to go to the bird feeder, under the tree. I have seen little mice in the birdfeeder, I even have a picture.. somewhere... sooo cute.. really.
Just a note... since we have had so much cool activity in the birdfeeder, I have been looking on my computer for some of hte really neat birdfeeder pictures, but I can seem to find any. I am not sure if I just didn't take any, or I didn't save them... or they are there and I can't find them. But this has prompted both Terry and I to take more pics of the feeder guests. Terry snapped a pic of a big Blue Jay just taking flight... very cool!


SAM said...

that blue jay picture is amazing!!!!
I have similar random trails in my back yard, there were also some little brown....ummmm things....so now i know what it is!! thanks!!

ancient one said...

So you really have pictures of mice in your birdfeeders... I hope you find them... the bluejay picture is great.