Sunday, February 28, 2010

Olympic Hangover

I haven't really blogged for the whole month of February. Well, first off, because its February...yuck!!!.... and that's reason enough.

Second....... I have been obsessed with the 2010 Winter Olympics. Being a "winter" country, it just makes sense that we host and participate "large" in these Olympics. But the TV coverage has been fantastic and all the events have been amazing. The bad part of this all...we are on the far EAST coast, and the Olympics are on the West cost. So many events that are on well past midnight each night... and they are riveting... can close my eyes events.. I am exhausted. I start my morning with Olympic morning shows.....
cooking supper...eating supper.... cleaning the kitchen... Olympics on the kitchen TV (reserved for Oprah shows while making supper usually!)....
sewing, doing church crafts, laundry... Olympics on the basement TV.... bedtime.... Olympics.. Olympics....Olympics!
Today... the last day of the Olympics. Its the only day that I won't be watching the event. The one event, I don't care about. Hockey. I really hope Canada wins... but I can't watch. I have a hard time watching high suspense... high stress. I can stand it for about 5 minutes. I survived
a few sports like short track skating, snowboarding, lots of skiing events... but there are a few that I just can't watch. Curling and hockey are toooo long.. tooo suspenseful when the games are close or passionate!
My favorite event was the relay skating.. quick, action packed and spectacular.
I will be napping this afternoon so I can watch the closing ceremonies tonight.. starting at 9:30. What a great Olympics and a great showcase for Canada.
I have no idea what I am going to do tomorrow ... without the Olympics. (ok, maybe some housework.. blah)

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ancient one said...

Great Olympics.. Great Country... Great Finish... Congrats to the hockey team!! OH CANADA !!!