Sunday, February 28, 2010

The ultimate beginning!

I love beginning things at the beginning. You know... on a Monday, or Jan 1... I think today.. is the ultimate beginning.

Its a Monday.... its March 1st.....its the first day without Olympics..... and its the start of spring like conditions! Its the ultimate beginning for me.

I feel like we have made it through the winter. From now on, any storms that come our way... will melt within the week. March... is the beginning of the end of the cold and the snow. In like a lamb.. out like a lion... WHO CARES~because even if it goes out like a lion, the lion will melt away in days!

There are things to do.....I feel renewed and inspired to get back on track. Get outside and rake up those soggy leaves staining my sidewalks. I have to pick up all those sticks and branches littering my lawn~victims of nasty snowstorm and high winds. I have to eat all the frozen single servings of soup I made all winter. I can't eat soup in the spring.... its not right.

I bought my gym pass today... since it expired in January. I think its time to get moving again. I have spent far too long sitting.. this winter!

Welcome to March....


GailM. said...

Yeahhhhh March!!!

ancient one said...

Nice beginning... predicting snow for us tomorrow.. but it is suppose to melt immediately.. finally seeing some daffodils blooming... not in my yard yet, but others...Come on Spring!!

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

SAM said...

I am so excited for spring.......and March means were have almost made it!! yipeeeee