Monday, August 2, 2010

Ah Saturday.... how I love Saturdays...

Yesterday... a glorious sunny Saturday morning, was spent with Robin and Bill on an adventure to Annapolis Royal. We started off at the market where we saw some amazing crafts, fantastic fruits and veggies and a whole lot of people! I bought some organic garlic and green peppers for some bruchetta I am making today... and some amazing chocolate rice krispie squares (that have coconut, walnuts and two kinds of chocolate drizzled on top)... yum.
We wandered through some antique shops as well, and although I am not very interested in antiques, I was enjoying the nostalgia of objects in the stores (sadly, I remember some of them from my childhood, ugh). My dad would have died to see some of the prices that he could have got for some of the "junk" that was in his barn!!! This piece you see below was all carved wood and it was about 6 feet high, and 8 feet wide. It was stunning, I must say. The red you see is the side of the shop..... it was like a privacy scre

After a quick slice of market pizza and a basket of organic blueberries, we headed off to find a lake to kayak in... We ended up at a place called Grand Lake Flowage, and for anyone who drives to Digby often, its on the left, and it looks like a hundred trees died in it.. and certainly not a welcoming looking lake.
But what a beauty it turned out to be... Deep and quiet.... lots of big green dragonflies and an eagle or two as well.
The waterlogged trees were only at the start of the lake and after we got past those, it was glorious!
We took a small break on a little beach, and looked for paths and portages... of which there were none! Bill has a reputation of falling out of his kayak as he tries to get in it, or get out of it, so I had my camera at the ready several times.. but he disappointed me!

Enjoy some pictures of the adventure.. and just know that this Saturday was just a little bit of heaven for me.


GailM. said...

AMAZING photos. What a beautiful day you had.

Anonymous said...

this looks like an amazing place to kayak! beautiful calm water with no intruders!!!
I love the Annapolis Royal market - not sure why I don't go more often...I guess I need to make it a priority for Saturday mornings!


cpm said...

Awesome pictures! Wow! Looks spectacular! Glad you had such a great day!

bargello said...

As a friday Gal from Fredericton, I check out your blog now and again. What a LOVELY thing to do on a long weekend...spend some of it on the water! Lucky you. My favourite photo is the one with the dried tree on the right, it is amazing and has great lines. Thanks for publishing them.

Jacklyn said...

Awesome pics Donna. The lake looks beautiful, and I love that privacy screen from the antique store. What a lot of work in that. Gorgeous!