Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Grammie Camp Part 2

A typical day at our Grammie Camp started with the baby waking up first. After a short snuggle in bed with Grammie and Grampie... Gail would sneak her upstairs to where 4 of the girls were snuggled in one room. They would play upstairs while Gail, Mert and I would sip our coffee and talk about the day. My Caleigh found herself between the grown ups and the kids, so most morning she would mingle with the grown ups over coffee... The girls would all tromp down the stairs for a pee.. and to read the schedule for the day.

The would cross off the items as we did them.. and talked about what was next. Once we finished our coffees... we would dawn our yoga pants and head out onto the deck for a round of stretches and bends.
We had more fun listening to the moans and complaints, while we tried to convince them that this was the best way to start your day! We even had this weird yoga music blasting while we posed! After 7 or 8 minutes, the music was turned off, and Dora songs were put on.. and we all danced to these silly tunes... amongst squeals of laughter and twirls.

We always had fun breakfasts and most of them were outside on the deck. The weather was spectacular!

Each day will filled with crafts..... like String Balloon Art !
We had to wrap yarn (dipped in paper mache goop) around a balloon.... and make sure they criss cross with each other. We hung them on our clothes line to dry all night. In the morning we popped our balloons and were left with funky string balls... Sadly, Jessie's balloon deflated in the night, and her strings dried all wonkie!

We learned how to do String Art using needles and cotton thread, cardstock and a big long list of numbers... What a fun project that the girls could work on when ever they felt like sitting and doing something quiet! My friend Debbie Walker gave me her whole school binder of patterns and all her cotton. The kids were very good at this and they took all the patterns home for later!. Thank you Debbie... I will be picking your brain for next year... that's for sure.

For most of our crafts, our hands got pretty messy... and we had a bucket of soapy water to rinse our hands. It got used a lot. I am not the only one who didn't like messy hands!
When things were just too hard for Aurora to do... Grampie kept her busy. Most of the time, though, we waited until she was napping to do the really hard stuff. She loved those balloons! Grampie could make them fly though the air... and she would fall into fits of giggles EVERY time.
Stay tuned for a little more..... like the treasure hunt... and the scavenger hunt... hee hee


GailM. said...

OMG, I almost forgot about the Dora songs.... Backpack, backpack!!

Wasn't that hilarious!! What was funnier, was that the kids all loved dancing to it too, not just Aurora!!

tdp said...

You are awesome Donna! My kids would adore getting to be your grandkids/niece and nephew!
What memories you are making for all those kids, and adults :D