Thursday, August 19, 2010

Grammie Camp Part 3

Well, the one thing I am good at is Treasure Hunts. I have done so many treasure hunts for my family, and I have had to do them all different... because its usually for the same people. This treasure hunt was for 6 girls and we had the whole cottage and property to use. We needed to have 20 clues... which would hold 5 pieces each.. of a 100 piece puzzle. Written on the back of the puzzle (which could only be read once it was put together) was more instructions on how to find the treasure... That is what we started with.... we ended up splitting the girls into two teams... with each team having a different color of triangle boxes. Each box held a clue to the next box... as well as the puzzle pieces... Lime Green Team and Hot Pink Team (left over paper from Michelle's wedding.. hee hee)
We sent them up the lane (more than once), to the fire pit, in the cottage , down by the lake, over by the canoes, Kids cottage, dance floor and even the spider infested shed!!!

Finally, armed with 100 piece map of Canada puzzle, a few sticks of gum... they put the puzzle together... and flipped it (not an easy process on a picnic table!). The instructions were for someone to walk a certain amount of steps.... to about 5 different locations. Caitlin was our stepper... and she paced her way to the treasure.. finally. They needed to dig it up and it was an exciting moment when the dragged it back to the table to open... it was filled with movies, popcorn and licorice... ...we were watching movies tonight.. thats for sure!

Now while I was hiding all the clues for the treasure hunt.. Gail was in the cottage with all the girls. She was reading off a list of Scavenger Hunt items that they needed to find for the next day. The rules were that they could not gather any of the items.. or even show us any of them.. until after lunch the next day. This whole scavenger hunt was born on a whim.. the first day we had camp.. and Gail and I scribbled down several items we thought they would find o.k. with a few that would be impossible... so as she read them to the girls.. they were all a buzz when things like 100 clam shells and an elephant were announced and in total shock and terror when one of the items was a beehive... and another was a birds nest!!
Now, they had 24 hours to plan their attack on this list.... and they couldn't actually gather anything until tomorrow after lunch. (Remember, we are just making up to drive them crazy!).
When lunch time came the next day... they were a buzz... working together.. handing out tasks for each of the girls to go get. Meanwhile they are telling us NOTHING... as the rules state!
We knew there was a bird nest under the canoe. It had been empty for a year, and all the girls knew about it too. They were totally creeped out.. and clarified with us.. over and over again that they actually had to have the birds nest.. not just show the judge where it was. We giggled to ourselves watching the determination on their faces... who is going under the canoe for the bird's nest!

The armed themselves with shovel and tray... and Emily and Grace were determined to get everything on the list.... so in they went.... and finally Grace put down the shovel and the tray and just grabbed the darn nest with her bare hands.... she was pretty darn proud and we were flabbergasted!!
They were stumped when it came to the "Elmo" bowl full of raspberries... but when we told them that Baby Aurora knew where the raspberries were... they were relieved, and off they ventured with Aurora .. up the lane to where Gail and I had picked gobs of berries for her the day before the kids came.
At the pre determined "judgement" time of 3:00.... the items were called off of the list, and the girls had to bring them... one at a time.. to Grampie for judging. Aurora deserted the gang and sat with Grampie to be part of the judging team. She mowed into the bowl FULL of raspberries and made short work of them.

One by one.. the items were presented.... and low and behold... the beehive... was even presented. It was an embroidered beehive on Jessica's Eye Spy quilt that Gail made her years ago. Toooooo funny.... Grampie was a tough judge.... hesitating on the Pine Cones when they were actually "spruce" cones. That made the girls hearts skip a beat (mine too actually).
The final item that was presented was the 100 clam shells. Grampie got right on his knees and count those shells about three times. Both Jess and Caleigh had a shell hidden in their hands ready to throw in, if they miscounted. We all held our breath while he re counted and then re sorted them and counted again!
Finally, after counting them again... he says 102! Well, I thought the girls would die!!!!! We all had a great laugh and they won their prize... two full size chocolate bars. One for now.. and one for tomorrow!! yipee....


Anonymous said...

Love this!!!! I don't know if I would ever be able to complete one of your Scavenger Hunts or Treasure Hunts! You are tough!!!!

:) Deb

Anonymous said...

Who needs summer camp when you have Grammie camp!! What fun for everyone, and amazing memories for the little one.

Mary :P

GailM. said...

OMG, that was a fun hunt, for a spur of the moment thing. What a great team they were. I loved all the side conversations they were having, just out of our earshot. They said the treasure hunt was one of their favorite things. Those clues were hard, but they did really good...and were excited to find the treasure. Good job hiding it too!!