Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Look who is living in my pond!

Tonks can't even see him... can you see his little eyes......

Now my pond is not very big. Its like 5 feet across and 4 feet wide. At the most. We build it 10 years ago and put a pot of water lilies in there. The lilies were divided about 4 years ago, and I didn't know what to do with them, so I threw them back into my little pond. Now they fill my pond and give me pink flowers, all summer long. I think they like the crowded environment!

I think someone else enjoys a crowded environment.
About 4 years ago, we had a little frog show up half way through the summer and he visited once or twice a week.
The next summer, he showed up.. (probably not the same one) and spent most of the summer with us.
Last year... no frog.... not any time last summer. And believe me, I looked for him every day last summer.

But alas, this summer, our little frog (not the same one) arrived about early August. I watched for him, hoping he would.... and sure enough. When we first spotted him, he was so small.

He seemed to grow over night, because a few days later he was twice the size. Then, we figured out that he was really "they" because after a couple of days we say both frogs... very different sizes. Then one day, one appeared to be sick. He was a "Dill Pickle" color. I started to worry and wondered how much a Vet visit would cost for a sick frog!
But, lo and behold... a third frog had arrived... and he was a much lighter sage color (hence the Dill Pickle color)....crisis (and embarrassing Vet visit) averted!..
And that very same day.... frog number 4 showed up.... he was tiny... smaller than the first one.

We have so enjoyed our little frogs every day. They sit out on the rocks or on the lily pads and enjoy the sun, or they hang in the water.. doing nothing. They wander though the gardens eating bugs and hiding under flowers. I have been startled on more than one occasion as I water plants or pick weeds by a franticly leaping frog trying to get back to the pond.

Every day (actually, several times a day) we sit on the front door step and play "Where's Waldo" with the frogs in the pond. Its really hard to see them but I am somewhat of an expert now... sorry to brag! What is hard to do is take a picture close enough that has all 4 of them in the pic. Below is a pic with three (the fourth one hid as soon as I came too close).

This is the wee little one...
This is my big guy.....
Here are the other two... Dill Pickle and the second big one (he is a brighter green)....he is hiding in the leaves.. can you see him on the right!


Anonymous said...

I was hoping you would do a blog on these cute little fellas! They make me smile when I come to your house and help to ease the absence of being greeted by Mollie.....


cpm said...

So cute...love all the different colours! I wonder if there's racism in the pond?!? lol! Thanks for the speech bubbles to help us spot the three together!
Great pictures!!

Jacklyn said...

That is so awesome. I haven't seen a frog in years. Glad you're getting to enjoy them.