Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Grey's Anatomy update and the Floods of NB

Grey's.... I can't believe I didn't blog about Grey's Anatomy last week. And tomorrow is the next one. I had a chance to sit down and talk with my friends Betsie and Shondra just the other day and they gave me a few hints.
First off, the show continues along as if 6 weeks has gone by. In that time, some friendships really percolate like Callie and Erica Hahn, as well as George and Lexie. So apparently over the past 6 weeks, Lexie and George decide to split rent somewhere, and unlike all the others (Christine, Callie, Meridith and Izzy) they do not come from wealthy families and neither are welcome to live in Meridith's house. Therefore, they are living in a CRAP Apt, which is its name. Issy is sort of left feeling blah because she lost the Lion Fight contest that was going on during the show. According to Betsie, these sort of things really go on at some hospitals, but I do find that hard to believe. But the point of this was that Izzy is starting to mature, and gains great confidence when Dr. Webber talks about being in this same competition when he was an intern. It was hilarious when "Cheech" from Cheech and Chong was a victim of Izzy's quest for his "cure". She totally had herself convinced that he was really sick! Another thing that they said is that Meridith is taking a turn for the better, in her new quest for a way to cure people, and winning the sparkly pager is not as meaningful to her... again, maturing. Christine is totally DYING that Callie and Dr. Hahn are buddy buddy, and they won't let her in the friendship....and its happening right in her own apt.... ahhhhhhhh, poor Christine! She just doesn't have good friendship skills. Betsie and Shonda think this is why Christine and Meridith are such good friends, neither of them do that mushy friendship thing. Lexie has found a new way to succeed.... Stealing. Betsy and Shondra said that although Lexie admits to George in the last scene that she has never stolen a thing in her life, our two writer/directors seem to thing that Lexie is either lying or in huge denial. So, on the next Grey's which is tomorrow night..... Addison is back for a visit, and pay attention to the clothing, because they said they blew there costume budget on her wardrobe, and they so wished they were the same size as Addison..

Both my sister and my daughter are truly in the middle of huge flooding of the St. John river. Please check out both their blogs for pictures. Both blogs show streets that are flooded and these streets are very close to their homes. They are not in danger (mostly because Stephanie lives on the second floor of an old building, and Gail is somewhat up hill from the river) but it is certainly exciting just the same. Stephanie has lived in the city for 6 years now, and in her first year of University, she endured the most snow Fredericton had had in years and years, which resulted in flooding that was the worse since 1973 (but not as bad as 73....nothing was ever that bad... 1973 was BAD). She had to listen to, for the past 6 years, oh, 2003 floods were bad, but you should have been here in 1973.... oh, the water was so high, it flooded the public library... and the government building, etc... for 6 years. Again, this year, the worse snows in tons of years, I think... breaking records. They predicted in the winter that the floods that would come to the city would be as bad as 1973. Stephanie began to get excited. She fantasized about kayaking down her street (York) and watching ducks swim by her apt door....

Then last week..the height of the floods was realized, and although they were high, they didn't make it to the 1973 levels. They didn't even make it to the 2003 levels. A little disappointing to Stephanie, who lives on the second floor, remember. And then it happened..... rain, rain and more rain. and the River began to rise... and rise.... and tomorrow morning.... should surpass the 1973 flood..... How nice to celebrate Stephanie's birthday, and the end of her UNB career, with a record breaking flood! Keep checking in with both my sisters' blog and Stephanie's over the next few days.!

There are quite a few pictures at this website of the flood so far.....CBC Flood Photo Gallery

My sister's cottage is on the Grand Lake, which means it floods in a GRAND way. The first picture is in the summer, where you can see the lake in the back ground, and the little cottage which is next to the big cottage. The second two pictures are the flood levels in 2003. So my sister and her hubby or going to try and make it to the cottage on Friday, to check out how high it is this year!

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Thanks for the Grey's update, Donna! I missed last week so your update will make tonights episode better :)
PS-your blog is fun to read.