Sunday, April 20, 2008


.........means so many things to so many people. Shopping to me represents too many negative things to be fun most times.
Clothes shopping is hardest for me, although, I do have a hard time with any type of shopping.
I have always been very careful with the money we make, and yet, we never seem to have an excess of money around. I don't invest a ton, and we own normal belongs, and two small cars (one is 3 years old and the other is coming onto 10 years old). I have helped my kids with their school expenses as much as I can, and I have never taken a trip down south or bought large extravagant luxuries - (you know, boats, Kayaks :(, big screen TV's, cottages,etc)
I think I have a hard time shopping because its so easy to spend money in a hour that takes a month to make. Then in a month, when the car break downs, you struggle to find the money. Blah... I would like to hoard money away but there is always an expense looming around the corner!
So, that is part of my long term hate for shopping. Negative.....
Secondly, the fact that people judge you often for what you're wearing adds a pressure to clothes shopping that scares me. Some people enjoy that challenge, but I seem to get very timid at the thought of people judging me because I wear pink when I have never worn it before, and yet I am a really good organizer of things, and good with accounting, good with kids and fairly easy to work with. I need to get over that..... I know.... but in a nutshell, its the second reason, I hate shopping....Negative
Third, too many rules and choices. Short legs, mean no straight skirts, it means higher heels with open fronts...(at this point, I planned to write down several rules just to overwhelm you the reader.. but I can't even write about all the rules because I just don't know them). So... if you don't know the rules and you enter a clothing store.... you are overwhelmed immediately with all the choices..... who wants to feel like that when they are shopping.... yuck....negative
Fourth...if your not happy with the body you hid under the big tops and jeans... why would you go to a change room with soft curvy sweaters, and skin tight camisoles, form fitting blouses and much too tight looking pants.... Negative

That been said...... I went shopping yesterday... and presented a challenge for my three friends who are all good shoppers... They helped me through several insecurities and at some points forced me to think outside the box. This is the third such trip I have made with them and although it is getting easier, it is still a mind exhausting day. My first trip was planned when I won the purse at purse club and the basis of a winter work wardrobe was developed. That was about at close to the TV show "What not to Wear" as anything anyone has ever experienced and I came away with some brick walls taken down and some grounds for some soul searching established. The second trip was this past fall and I had a chance to relearn some of the basic rules and add to my already fun wardrobe.
Yesterday's trip was different in that it was our first Spring shopping trip and we didn't stay overnight ... it was an all day trip instead. We spent our entire day at MicMac and my shopping was done early on at Reitmans (which helped with the concern # 1, money!) Truly the highlight of the day was sitting in a large change room and watch the two EXPERT shoppers in our group start with a basic cotton white skirt each, and build a beautiful collection for spring and summer from that one skirt. Two beautiful and very different bodies, two very different tastes and styles. Both ladies came away with amazing outfits except for a hideous coat that didn't get purchased (thank God). Debbie and I sat and watched two clerks feed these ladies some of the sweetest outfits that both would never have looked at on a hanger and they were amazing. A lot can be learned watching people shop who know what they like and what looks good on them.!
After that shopping class, we had a yummy lunch and spent another couple of hours in shoe stores, underwear departments and a couple more clothing stores. We were done and exhausted by 4 and headed home.
We stopped at the Port Pub in Port Williams and enjoyed a drink and some finger foods and were home by 8pm. I didn't take a thing out of the bags until this morning. Just wasn't ready to look at things. But this morning, in the bright sun, I pulled all my purchases out of the bag and am amazed at what was accomplished yesterday. Geesh, I love my shopping friends. They are so patient and know what they are doing. I even like the pink skirt today...
Ok, in the pictures, it doesn't look like much, but man, it was painful. How lucky am I to have these three friends to shop with. I think everyone needs a shopping team. It made a mostly hard day feel like a fun day! Now that is not an easy thing to accomplish!.


S said...

Those colours really will look so good on you... and I think having friends who can actually give you good advice on these things is the best fashion tip ever. I really dislike shopping at the mall unless I already know what I want, which hasn't really been an issue in a long time (ever?) because I never have any money for clothes (at all). It's just so jarring to deal with sales ladies - a lot of them see "student" and either ignore you or watch you like a hawk to make sure you don't shoplift! Give me the yarn store or the art store any day - nice ladies you can actually talk to.

Anonymous said...

all of your clothes look beautiful! I can't wait to see all of them! <3 Mick

Anonymous said...

Hey Donna - funny thing to share - I didn't open my bags until this mroning also!!! I was so sad reading the first part of your really can feel intimidating and pressure-packed. I feel so lucky to be part of this group that has shopped together - I have learned so much and am so grateful to have you, my friend, to shop in the same store, with the same taste, that I have.
You have some wonderful new pieces of clothing that I know you will enjoy wearing. I especially like the pink shirt and flowered skirt (wink!wink!). See you tomorrow for our hemming party!

cpm said...

I was sad to read the first part of your blog b/c if you truly knew how special you were, you would know that I would be proud to be seen with you in a garbage bag!!! You are an amazing woman and am so lucky to have you as a friend!
I LOVE the new clothes...the shoes are AWESOME!!!! I think the pink flowery skirt in my fav and the striped short sleeve shirt too!
Bring on the nice weather!!!

Jill said...

I LOVE the pink skirt! You are going to look "HOT"! CAn't wait to see you in the whole "pink ensemble".
I can relate to your yucky feelings at the beginning of the post. I never feel good in what I wear. I am glad you had fun with your shopping buddies.

Anonymous said...

I want pictures of you in your lovely new clothes. Two weeks ago I went shopping with two good friends and at one point the saleslady (at Reitman's - hello!) said to them that they must have had a lot of Barbie's when they were little - great now I'm somebody's effing Barbie.. just goes to show the ones 'helping' you have a lot of fun too. :) Albert

GailM. said...

I don't shop for clothes very often either. Being on the plus size, I was lucky in that I only had a few stores to shop at. Pennngtons and the Bay (when I could get to one) were my options. When I lost some weight and got into size 16/18 clothes, I realized just how much shopping one can do. It was overwhelming. Now that I'm not working, I don't need business clothes. You are lucky to have friends who will help you. My friend Julie would help me, usually when we were travelling and were killing time in stores while away. It was nice to have the help to buy one or 2 things.

I like the shoes... They look retro...and the pink... well it's cute cute cute.