Friday, April 25, 2008


When you have a body like MINE!!!!!!

Every year, on Secretaries Day, Ms Casey's class does a portrait of the school Secretaries!!! She goes through a series of questions about what we look like, and what we do for jobs and just about us in general. Then she sets the kids to work at drawing us, LIFE SIZE, coloring the pic and then signing their names around the commons they have for us... Remember, these little ones are between 6 & 7 years old! It is a total CRAP SHOOT as to what we look like from year to year, and some years I have been adorned with gobs of rings, earrings, bracelets and hairbows. Totally unbelievable accessories and clothing. Some years we have over a 100 teeth in our big beautiful smiles, and I have had ankles the size of elephants ankles in the past as well.

BUT this year, they got me bang ON.... LIKE SOOOOO perfectly. Well, except for the blue eyes, the eye makeup, the blush, the orange lipstick and the shirt color, the pants color (although, I might buy that color, since I look sort of slim in them), the tulips on the knees and the poodle dogs on my ankles. But.. besides that, it looks exactly like me..... notice my hair tucked behind one ear only. Notice my off centered head over my very long sexy neck. Notice my strong shoulders with my flat chest, lean hips and green shoes (although, mine are garden shoes and I have never worn them to work)~!
I WANT THIS PICTURE on my drivers licence...... its totally me.


SAM said...

love love love this post...I laughed out loud.....aren't kids great!! They entertain me daily!!

cpm said...

Totally bang on!!!!

Jill said...

So those portraits they do every year!

GailM. said...

I would have recognized you anywhere!