Sunday, May 11, 2008


When I was in grade 4, Mrs Gigauls class, she made us do this writing exercise where we had to write what we thought we would be doing when the millennium changed. You know, in the year 2000. I remember that after I struggled with the math to figure out my age, I realized I would be doing nothing in the year 2000 because I would most likely be dead. After all, in the year 2000, I was going to be 42!~

Don't you all remember when you were young and 50 sounded ANCIENT! My aunts in their big house dresses and big aprons, rolled down pantyhose and big black shoes where pretty old when I was growing up, and now when I do the math, they were in their 40's. This is my Aunt Irene with my Grandmother. She is the one in the printed dress. This is my aunt at 45!

But when my mom turned 50, I was sort of shocked, because she was pretty darn young looking, and running a department store, dressing in really nice clothes. I was wondering when she would make the transition to the big house dresses and rolled down pantyhose. I think my opinion of 50 started to turn a little at that point. But when I hit my 30's and first starting meeting real people who were near 50 and looked and acted younger than me, I began to strive for the idea that maybe I would be alive when I was 42!!!

I think we almost 50 year olds, and the 50 year old and plus ladies I know are setting a new standard for those little kids in school. 50 is amazing. 50 is a right to passage. 50 something to be proud of.... and on that note.....Happy Birthday Debbie!

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