Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Debbie Walker!!

Debbie was the ultimate Mother's Day gift to her mom. She was born on Mother's Day 1958 and how fitting that she celebrates her 50th on Mother's Day.
How can one let a 50th birthday go by without a little embarrassment and fun. And for this reason, Debbie was an unsuspecting victims of about 15 friends who wanted to say Happy Birthday.
Now, I have known Debbie for about 17 years. Our kids played together at Pooh's Playhouse and when I first got my job at Kingston School, Debbie kept Michelle one day a week so she could still go to nursery school with all her little friends from Pooh's. We were stay home moms together and we were working moms together. We were brownie leaders together and have curled together. We have lived provinces apart and lived practically next door to each other. We have walked together, been on weekends away for curling, shopping etc, and we have scrapbooked together almost EVERY Monday for almost 4 years.!!!!! AND I NEVER KNEW..... that Debbie was the Acadia University's Homecoming Princess for 1978. Here is the "Debbie Marshall, small town girl does well" article, as it appeared in the old ARGUS newspaper here in Greenwood. (Thanks to her MOM!!) Of course, we had to share this with all Debbie's friends and Debbie got to where a pink tiara for the evening. A small group of friends met at Wendy's place and then tiptoed over to Debbies' amidst the text messaging going on between Ashley and Michelle, to keep us informed as to where Debbie was sitting (so we could sneak past the window) and then we crashed their family time, bringing in all the nibbles, the cake and balloons, along with a commemorative poster depicting her life. Debbie gave us a tour of all these pictures and her brother and sister in law had quite the chuckle looking at all of them. Debbie's mom hid in the background while sending little whispered apologies out towards Debbie, but not venturing too close. Hopefully today, Debbie will have forgiven her mom (and her friends) and will have forgotten all about this invasion of privacy!!! Oh, and of course, the cake. We mustn't forget the cake.... And anyone who is pretty good at grammar will note the grammatical error in the loving message on the cake. That sent me into fits of chuckles when I first saw it, and realized the 16 year old I ordered the cake from didn't see the mistake at all..... what can ya do but laugh, really.! I can't remember, but I think Debbie said this was her grade 9 school picture.... hee hee After a terrible round of "Happy Birthday", Debbie blew out the candles and served up this yummy cake. It was such a nice evening to catch up with all my seasonal friends. I see everyone all winter, but once Golf Season hits, I am left back in the ice rink until October... But maybe this year, I will make an attempt! We left Debbie, Brian, Ashley and Shane with a big mess and a few new memories.... Love you Debbie..... (and Wendy too) How great to have friends. Truly.
Following is a few random thoughts are being 50


Anonymous said...

How blessed am I to have you as my very dear friend!!! If you weren't such a good friend I would probably be upset at the embarassing display of photos that you put together.
Thank you very much for the surprise party on Saturday and the wonderful tribute you wrote for me on your blog. You have such a wonderful way with words and captured the evening perfectly! I didn't even notice I had the tiara on my head after the first hour or so - maybe I could get used to it...on second thought - I don't think I want to even try to compete with the "Queen".
Thank you for helping to make my "special" birthday a time to remember and cherish!
I can't wait until December 16th when we will be the same age again!
Luv ya,

cpm said...

Debbie is 50?!? Crazy!!! She looks better and better everytime I see her! I swear she's too happy over there at St Mary's lol!
She's lucky to have you Donna! What a great friend you are! but then again..she's pretty easy to be nice to. Debbie is such a sweet person, so kind and thoughtful!
You are lucky to have each other.(just better not cut into my BFF time ha!ha!)