Saturday, May 10, 2008

Spring has left

First off, GREASE the Musical is playing at our High School. We went to see it last night and it was very well done. The singing was fantastic, and all the sets and actors were great. It was awesome to see old school mates, old students and parents of kids too. We met Michelle and Scott there as they decided earlier in the week that they would be coming home for the weekend, so Terry picked up 2 extra tickets for the musical. Both Michelle and Scott have been in the Music Pit for the West Kings musicals, so this was their first experience being in the audience.
In just a week, things are popping up all over the garden. My peonies were hardly two inches high last week and have grown over a foot. We have had somewhat sunny weather but the last 2 days have been cooler than what I would call "spring"!.... I severely pruned items in my little sun garden at the front of the house, and I need one day just of weeding. Then mulch, and I will be happy with the front garden. All the other gardens will get what I can give..... The pond was uncovered this week, and our water lilies survived the big freeze, and are growing nicely. The bad part is the pond has a bad leak and the water level drops 4 inches in a day and then stops dropping. This tells us the there is a leak in the upper part of the pond and it just seems so daunting to try and find it! Maybe one evening this week. The rippling river had a rough winter, and I need to rearrange the rocks (maybe tomorrow).

Terry and Scott are busy today, working on Stephanie boxes for her new bed creation. Its using MDF which is very dusty and very heavy. So, today, there is a cool breeze which helps with the dust that the saws are creating. It will be a series of boxes that have large drawers in it, and when arranged, they can be the base to a bed, or a chest of drawers... I will keep you posted.

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cpm said...

ahhhh how sweet...matching jackets on Terry and Scott! lol!